Monday, December 23, 2013

Gifts for everyone

I thought a look back on my gift posts would be helpful for all of you that still need ideas. Let's go:

Are you done with the presents yet? I started early this year and I felt like a boss, but some days ago I realized I need a few things more and haven't got them yet, which is making me nervous. Good thing is I don't need them by Christmas.
Hope you go through it without stress and full of excitement, just as it should be. At the very bad scenario, a handwritten note and a big hug show more love and appreciation than a meaningless store bought object. Christmas is about magic and magic is not physical, right?!

| Love, Lisa |

1 comment:

  1. Une jam shume shume mbrapa kete vit :(
    I kam lene te gjitha per ne momentn e fundit :(, me ka ngelur vetem nje dite (tan ido qaaaj)


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