Monday, December 23, 2013

GIFTS - For those that don't expect them

You know how much I love playing Santa and surprising friends and family with gifts. But what I enjoy more is gifting people that don't expect it. These include everyone in the service departments, everyone that does a small thing to make my life easier and also random strangers on the street.
Some of these people might be: guards, postmen, policemen, hairdressers, beauty salon people, sales people, house keepers, landlords, employers, drivers, street cleaners, homeless people, kids begging on the streets etc etc. I could go on and on but you get the idea.

For the ones serving in your everyday life, an envelope with money in it and a card would be great (depending on your budget, there should be at least a day's salary inside). If you think money is inappropriate or enjoy gifting presents more, than go with the classics, like wine, chocolate, cookies, cake or a pack of beer/drinks. My favorite pick for men is wine/drinks and for women is a little something they wouldn't get for themselves like a beauty item or a piece of jewelry.

But no matter what you give, I assure you the joy and gratitude you will see in their eyes is priceless. Don't forget the ones who serve you and especially the ones that are working during holidays, the ones that have no family and the ones that don't expect presents.
Give as much as you can and your heart will get back all the joy of the world, I promise!

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