Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Decorating pumpkins for Christmas?

I think we all agree that the most versatile Fall thing is pumpkins. While we don't use them widely for cooking in my country, I am a big fan of decorating them. I usually go with small ones in orange tones. They instantly boost the season's atmosphere even in small doses. Usually I keep them in my room, one or a few together. 
The most popular pumpkin decoration for all of you must be Halloween, but as it is not my favorite holiday, I skip carving and lighting up scary faces. It must be sad to throw them away if you get into the trouble of creating them though. On the contrary, I am fond of festive pumpkin decoration and it is a bonus if it is super easy to make, like the one I am showing you today. 
You can make them whenever you like, since October or as soon as the first leaves drop of in your area. Wonderful easy glitter decoration, made with a few items and likely to last even after New Year.

Here is what you will need:

- pumpkins (I have two small ones with uneven surface)
- painting brush
- vinyl glue or any other craft glue
- glitter of your choice (gold and green for me)
- paper tape or any craft tape

The process takes very little time and a bit of patience to let them sit overnight.

Choose a flat surface, like a table and be sure to cover it with something. Pour a little vinyl glue in a cap or shallow glass or even on thick paper. 

1. Depending to the brush you have, press it with your index fingers to create a circle base for your glue dots. If your brush is perfectly round, you don't need this advice. Mine was slightly flat.
2. Pat the brush on the vinyl glue, take a little and create the dots. Make sure you don't use too little glue, but not too much either. The dots can be as dense as you like them, but I would suggest not to overdue it with small pumpkins like the one in the pictures.
3. Cover 1/3 or 1/2 of the pumpkin with dots and pour glitter over them. 
4. Repeat with the left surface and pour glitter again. It helps if you hold it from little "tail" or steadily put two fingers in between dots.
5. Don't worry about the excess glitter on the pumpkin. Just let it sit on a surface with empty space inside to prevent touching to much of the dots. It can be a box or anything smart your eyes can notice around. Let dry overnight and then brush off the remaining glitter to see the blissful polka dots you are left with.

For the second pumpkin, which was orange, I went with the green glitter and a more modern and freestyle pattern.

1. Simply use a paper base tape that is easy to rip away later. Create a kind of net with it, a grid or spider web, depends on the surface and size you have. To be sincere I had a bit of trouble because my pumpkin was very textured, so I would suggest you choose a smooth surfaced one, or even round one for an easy application. Be sure to imagine the empty space between the tape covered in glitter as you create the pattern.
2. Cover the empty space with vinyl glue. Again not too much, but enough for the glitter to stick to it. Be carefully on the tape's edges, you might want to double check if it is covered entirely. Then generously pour glitter on it.
3. Let the pumpkin dry on some kind of surface like the previous one and wait until the next day to take out the tape. It might require some attention, as not to take away the glittered surface. The more even and round the pumpkin is, the less problems you will have.
4. Simply enjoy the pattern you created. If you like to correct anything, just take a fine brush, some more glue, paint and add glitter. Let it dry a couple of hours more. Easy as that.

You can enjoy your pumpkins like this, simple and beautiful or you can go on and style them a little bit more. Think that you might use them on your Thanksgiving, Christmas or even New Years Eve tabletop. I used twine string for the orange one and a black satin ribbon for my polka dots cutie. I loved how they turned out, really elegant and festive. 
They have been hanging in my room since October and I am yet to get bored. I can already picture them implemented into my holidays decor.
Here is a simple idea how they can be paired with Christmas decoration and not look like Halloween at all. The glitter goes well with everything, don't you think? 
This is an easy project to create with children too. You might even use them as a small gift for a neighbor, teachers or family members.
Are you convinced that you can extend your pumpkins' lives 'till the end of the year, or do you still think its exclusive time for pinecones and ornaments to shine after Halloween?

Here is another easy pumpkin decoration idea using glitter.

| Love, Lisa |


  1. Nese ka nje gje per te cilen nuk jam fare, po fare e mire eshte per keto gjerat "e bome vete" :P Imagjino une nuk di as te qep nje kopse :P Nuk kam fare durim, me pelqejne shume gjerat e gatshme. Imagjino vetem duke lexuar kete qe ke shkruar dhe me kapi tmerri jo me ta realizoja vete gjithe procesin nga fillimi :D Por besoj se kjo eshte nje nga arsyet perse ti studion per arkitekture, ndersa une jo :P

    1. Epo cdokush ka fushen e tij e s'mund te jesh e mire ne gjithcka :)
      Tek pjesa e durimit nuk jam e mire as une ne pergjithesi, por kur behet fjale per gjera qe i dua shume, nuk e kuptoj si iken koha dhe vetem kur agon jashte permendem.
      Procesi eshte shume i thjeshte dhe i shpejte, me me beso, se dhe une vete tmerrohem nga gjera qe duken teper te veshtira, si psh. te ndertosh nje tavoline vete nga asgjeja (ka dhe femra te tilla me kuti veglash personale :P)

      P.s:Sa per thashethem, tani po studioj per Applied Design, arkitekturen e kam mbaruar ;)

    2. E di qe do dukem injorante, por me mire te pyes se sa te vdes injorante :P Ku konsiston kjo dega, sepse nuk e kisha degjuar kurre me pare (skuqem nga turpi) :P

    3. Jo nuk ke faj fare sepse askush nuk e kupton dhe eshte dege e vecante ketu. Perfshin gjithe fushat ku perdoret dizajni (mode, dizajn grafik, marketing, reklama & printime, bizhuteri, kritike arti, fotografi, pikture etj etj).


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