Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Simple gift ideas | 01

I believe one of the most beautiful things you can do for other people is to surprise them with presents. Go for small ones, for no particular reason, just to make them smile and feel good. For the past years I have gifted hundreds of small things, either DIY, post production or store bought 
and I would love to share some of them with you. 

Starting backwards and going on as far as I can remember I am sharing the latest simple gift I made: a simple painted shape on canvas. My choice was a heart covered in glitter painted on a 20x20 cm canvas. I made two pieces and I kept the gold one. It still looks beautiful on my bedroom, just a little punch of sparkle. 
What I love most about this is the infinite varieties you can create by changing the size and shape of the canvas, what you paint, multiply the same shape, use different colors and even make series or 3 or 4 small canvases. Other bloggers have made similar pieces of art by handwriting a quote or lyrics and it is lovely too. 
Here are the simple steps of my version, in case you would like to get a bit crafty and make someone smile :)

You will need :
  • blank canvas (mine is 20x20 cm) - small ones look good with a simple shape while bigger can be more crowded or altered
  • vinyl glue (or mod podge)
  • brush
  • pencil
  • glitter
On the clean canvas, I draw the shape of a heart with a soft pencil. With a clean brush I started filling the shape and getting a bit out of the border to cover the pencil mark. Then comes the fun part. Pouring glitter generously on the canvas, letting it lie flat aside for a few minutes and putting it still to drop all excessive glitter. If you think it is necessary, you can take a soft thick brush (like a powder make up brush) and lightly put it through the canvas to get rid of every little glitter to make the heart perfect. When I make clean craft like this, I prefer to collect the remaining sparkle and use it again.
That's all. Have fun!

| Love, Lisa |


  1. Lisaaa ku je??? Pse nuk ka me postime nga ty? :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  2. Pretty hearts! Might do this one day, looks pretty easy and its lovely :)

    1. It is easy indeed Marie, the most difficult part is having the patience to don't touch it while drying for a couple of hours. You can do it with your little one too and gift it to family members for the holidays :)

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