Friday, November 30, 2012

40 Simple and Doable advent calendar ideas

I have always loved advent calendars, but only this year I will be having my first one. The reason hides here. These days I have been reading many advent ideas from my favorite bloggers and despite being lovely, I miss the practical side of them. I always dreamed of having a portable advent calendar and not have in at my home. Somehow our lives are planned differently and not two days are the same. Usually we spend only a couple of hours as a family, so I thought having the fun ideas with you all the time leaves no chance for excuses to pass one day. Some of the ideas are meant for outside and some for staying in. Also, I thought about more universal activities, that are not limited to wintery places with heavy snow, places full of festivities and christian orientation holidays. And of course, I love the little things that bring much joy, so I invite you to embrace my humble philosophy and help yourself enjoy the real spirit of these days with the most important people in your life.

1. Make an advent calendar, as simple as 24 (or more) little pieces of paper with something written on them and keep it with you wherever you go.
2. Put some orange zest, cinnamon and other fragrances in water and bring to boil slowly. Instant holiday smell for your house.
3. Make a quick and easy desert you like and share it with your loved ones. If they like it, make a bunch for gifting. I am looking forward to try chocolate bark this year. Yes, I never thought of it.
4. Send holiday wishing cards (digital or by mail).
5. Go to a mall and buy nothing. Just enjoy the festive atmosphere and watch people be happy.
6. If hot chocolate with marshmallows is too cliche for you, try drinking cocoa, melted chocolate, flavored cappuccino or latte.
7. Go to the cinema. There must be at least one holiday movie coming out, but any movie will do the trick.
8. Look around your house for giftable things. I stock on possible gifts all year and it is a life savior for every occasion. Wrap them already, no matter how small or inexpensive they might be.
9. Make the gift list (don't forget people that you know a little, but deserve a lot, like service providers, parking guys, hairdressers and everyone who helped you and made your life easier this year).
10. Shop the gift list (if you can order everything online by December 1st you will feel so relieved).

11. If you decide to hit the shops for buying the presents, as soon as you find a bargain don't think twice to buy a few more. They will be useful for sure.
12. Decorate the house with your most favorite things. Try to resist buying too many new stuff, beside lights.
13. Buy or burn one new Christmas CD.
14. Donate food to a family in need or homeless people.
15. Watch a Christmas movie. Let your man choose one recent or his favorite movie when he was a child. This will bring you double tears, I assure you.
16. Bring out your Christmas pajamas and underwear or buy new ones, including gifts.
17. Have a treat breakfast while listening to Christmas music.
18. Make a photo book of your last holidays party, travel and happy moments.
19. Make a natural or silly wreath.
20. Sing (or listen) to favorite Christmas songs.

21. Drive around to discover a new neighborhood in your city.
22. Go shopping with friends or relatives.
23. Buy a gift or an experience for a child somewhere in the world (and your favorite blogger across the ocean).
24. Go see a festive concert, possibly in open air.
25. Get out and collect branches, leaves, stones, pine cones. Paint everything in gold and use for home decor or tabletop.
26. Visit a shelter, spend time with the people and leave gifts, money or clothes (be sure to ask what they need more).
27. Call an old friend or a family member.
28. Make homemade gifts if you are good in that.
29. Have a romantic candlelit dinner at home.
30. Have a massage, manicure or your hair done with a friend you haven't seen in a while.

31. Coffee date with someone you enjoy.
32. Go for a winter walk while wearing your big hats and gloves.
33. Try a ride at the Luna park. They are full of life this time of the year. You will feel like a child again.
34. Have a holidays photo session (with the help of a tripod, a professional, an amateur friend, a photo booth, or your phone).
35. Try a new restaurant or cafe.
36. Play board games, possibly with the holiday themes (like puzzle and throwing mini arrows).
37. Write new years resolutions, alone or together with family.
38. Have red, green or holidays patterns sheets on your bed or put a festive quilt/blanket on it.
39. Start a tradition, the simpler and the smaller the easier it is to follow.
40. Paint your nails in red or glitter or other festive colors and designs.

 Here you have all these ideas. You only need to remember these days pass so quickly my friends and it's a shame not to enjoy. Who know what next year or month or day will bring, so enjoy now :)

| Love, Lisa |


  1. Lisaaaaa po prisja dhe disa dite per holiday spirit po ishte e pamundur me gjithe kete liste.
    Je shume e mire :)

    1. Jo jo nuk ke cfare pret me. Eshte zyrtarisht Dhjetor dhe jane zyrtarisht festaaat:)
      Faleminderit per fjalet e tua te mira qe me shkruan gjithmone!


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