Saturday, December 1, 2012

The easiest and most versatile advent calendar you will ever make

The title of this post is already too long, but the correct one would be "The easiest, cheapest, cutest and the most versatile advent calendar you will ever make!". This is not some kind of cheap SEO trick my friends. Last night (at magical 3 a.m) I came up with the most genius idea I've had in a long time.
There is only one day left (we can cheat on the first one and start counting this evening) to start the official countdown to Christmas, so leave those poor excuses and grab some post-it-s and a pen. Lets have fun! Yes, you only need a bunch of square dimension post-its in a fun color you like (if you happen to have patterned ones, it would be cool too and I am jealous of you). I chose pink because it's different from any other advent ideas I have seen until now, cute and feminine, modern and of course it's kind of unexpected even if you carry it around everywhere. Because let's not forget how I told you that I need a portable advent this year to stop coming up with excuses.

It's pretty easy. Just take a post it, write an activity or anything you like on the glued side, fold it diagonally in two and press the side glued, while letting the other one free. For extra security, you can add a stripe of paper glue to prevent them opening up especially if they will be staying close to air conditioned flow. You can write on the outside too, but I prefer not to put numbers. You can make 24, a bunch (feel free to use all my 40 doable advent ideas) or just a few favorites (because who will say no to drinking hot chocolate more than once?). I love having a lot of options. If we end up liking something very much, we can always put it back to its place and repeat another time.
The best part about this simple calendar is how versatile it is. I challenge you to 5 different options:

1. Try putting them all in a bowl, round patter, box, vase or mason jar like a wreath. It will look so beautiful as a display.

2. You can easily spread them around the house tucking them into frames, shades, ornaments, tree and everywhere you with by a little pin or clothespin to keep in place.

3. Take a wire clothes hanger (the cheap ones from the dry cleaning) and bend it a little to give it the shape of a bell or rhombus (diamond) shape. Put all the little post-it pockets on it with a little clothespin. Go with only 1 color, 2 or 3 of them. I stick to one as it was very bright. Fill the pockets with anything tiny you like (candies, pine cones, ornaments, nuts, mini presents, cinnamon sticks or anise etc.)

4. Here comes my favorite one: If you want to have the advent with you all the time, it can be done in a minute. Take an empty mint tin or any other little box you can carry in your bag. Press the pockets so they lay flat. I had to fold them again in middle to fit into the tin. Put in all your ideas and the holidays will be great.
5. Don't you think no.4 would be a fun surprise to send by mail to someone?

6. Stack them one inside the other or tuck them into a piece of cardboard with holes inside and hang on the wall like modern 3D art.

Oh my! I am so loving those little cone pockets and their endless uses. Fill them with everything you like, the more unexpected the better. Let them on display at home or hide them secretly in your purse. 

Now we can officially 'TIS THE SEASON! 
I hope you enjoy my suggestions. Let me know if you find this genius or just a waste of time. 
Happy December and happy holidays everyone :)

| Love, Lisa |


  1. I saw a comment of yours on design love fest and hit it because of the name. Love it! Was totally surprised when I jumped through, your blog is lovely. Full of style and wicked pictures. Have had a lovely time browsing. Keep up the good work.

    Laura x

    1. Laura thank you so much for coming by and I am so glad you were not disappointed. I really appreciate all your kind words :)


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