Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10 Holiday decorations you already have at home | Part 1

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Before you get alarmed and check the calendar to see what date it is and before you give me that hate look( you know, for the early start) I am warning you that the windows have been decorated and some lights are on in my city, so I have the official right to post about the holidays joy :)

As much as there is happiness, laughs and time off during late November and December, there is always so much stress and expenses. To make it a little bit easier, I am starting the series on the easy and practical side, focusing on what we already have at home and how to use it for decorating and slowly bringing the smell and the look of holidays into our space.
Because no matter how much you enjoy shopping for new decorations, the process of bringing out the best of what you have is priceless. 
Here is the first part of this post (too much beauty to fit into one).

1. Baskets [ via here and here ]

There is no way you don't have a basket at home. Be it big or small, natural or colored, you can turn it into a festive focus point in a couple of minuted. Toss a string of lights inside and lit them to feel the magic. Fill it with pine cones, fresh or dried fruit, garlands, decorations, colorful balls or ornaments. A ribbon or a fabric stripe would complete the look.

2. Candles [ via here and here ]

I think candles are taken for granted. We all have them home, but we don't use them as often as we should. I even think we save the cute ones for a special occasion. What is more special than these wonderful days? Feel free to gather all candles you have around the house and group them to create a magical atmosphere, especially after the sun goes down when their glow will make everything more beautiful.

3. Sparkles (gold, sequins, glitter)
[ squirrel | pinecones | skull | pumpkin | dog | reindeer | wreathchristmas decorations ]

Have you noticed how we are immediately attracted by holiday decorations in sparkles, glitter and shiny gold? I suppose it is a trick they are using to seduce us. Holidays are associated with glow and fancy stuff, shine and sparkling. Before you go spend money on new decorations, do a little hunt around you and check all stuff in boxes. I bet you will find at least a few items in gold or glitter and put together they will scream holidays, even if they are skulls left from Halloween or bunnies from Easter. And of course you can always turn anything gold yourself with a spray paint or glitter. The Midas touch has never been easier to achieve. You will be surprised how wonderful you space will look all filled in sparkles.

4. Lanterns [ via here and here ]

One of the most versatile items you can purchase are lanterns. If you run over a sale, don't buy less then a dozen of them. They make a lovely appearance on every Holiday, four seasons, cozy or formal events, put on the ground, outside, in a picnic, as tabletop, centerpieces and light providers. I prefer white as they can be styled anyway you wish to give the tone you like. But red, gold, silver and natural wood ones would be perfect for the end of the year. The styling options are endless and you can fill them with anything you have on handy (candles, green leaves or brunches, pine cones, walnuts, small pumpkins, pearls, ornaments, decorative tree balls, dried flowers or fruit, string of lights, garlands, toys).

5. Food [ via here and here ]

This is one of my favorite elements to decorate as it is honest, colorful, nice smelling and it brings back memories. Because let's not forget how strongly the holidays are associated with smells and memories. Make your home super cozy and warm by creating fruit centerpieces, filling baskets with fresh bright colored fruit, boiling spices and citrus fruit, making wreaths with cinnamon sticks or little tree brunches. In addition to saving money and being able to change things often, it will help you create your own personal traditions and help your children establish their love for the holidays and their first magical memories.

Are you ready to start searching your house for hidden treasures or are you still determined to spend money on new decorations this year?

| Love, Lisa |


  1. Super cute! Loving the food ideas!


  2. Beautiful photos and I can't wait for christmas too!

    1. Thank you Marie. I'm sure your boy makes the celebrations extra special and you all look forward to Christmas :)


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