Saturday, December 29, 2012

3 Little Gifts You Have At Home

I am going on with the last minute gift suggestions, as I guess ideas are always welcomed. In my country we use to exchange gifts even for the New Year or exclusively on NYE for the families that don't celebrate Christmas. As much as I love searching for the perfect gift or finding ways to personalize everything, more than often I have to deal with people that have everything, people with very high demanding taste (anyone else with a difficult mom to please?), or people that you want to give something not very expensive because of your long list and short funds. Here is when small gifts come in hand and you might be surprised to see you probably have them at home already.
One day, just by chance, I found three of them in my room, but there must be a lot.
Wrap them in a nice textured ribbon, or a few thin ones, add a little festive touch and you have a dolled up little present.

1. A souvenir
We all come back with a few reminders from our trips. A miniature, a key holder, something funny, postcards, guides, everything is suitable. I found a mini calendar book my dad has brought me from Milan some time ago. It is so tiny and beautiful no one can resist. The secret into making this small gift perfect is matching the destination of the souvenir to the other one's interests. If your sister has always dreamed of Paris, give her a mini language book or a secret guide to the city, a beautiful tiny Eiffel tower or a vintage object. If you have been on a trip with your cousin in Greece last summer, choose something that will always remind him of your fabulous holidays, like a bottle filled with shells.

2. A winter must have
I went with a lip balm I bought in Italy last week (I so regret buying a bunch for 1Euro each). It has a beautiful packaging and a heavenly smell. Even if you go with something natural or super simple, spice it up with the ribbon. In addition to a balm, I'd love giving a mini hand creme or a hand/feet remedy kit, a pair of colorful gloves or a scarf. Everything that is used in winter and has a little style is perfect to gift now.

3. A beauty item
This mini nail polish duo is from H&M in Greece or Germany, I don't quite remember, but I had totally forgotten about it. It is already packaged and the golden hues just scream holidays. Single polishes in glitter or bright festive colors like red and pink are very appropriate, in my opinion. Actually any little beauty item is welcomed from female friends, so never set boundaries.

I really love how a simple ribbon can turn this little items into beautiful gifts. Maybe it is because of the impact of the regular sized ribbon towards the tiny object or it is just the fact I love small cuties.

Would you try this idea for service providing people in your lives or last minute showing friends and relatives? Or do you prefer tipping and gift vouchers because small gifts might look too cheap?

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  1. Te posti i radhes mezi do pres dhuratat qe ke mare kete vit per festa :))

    1. Nje gje eshte e sigurt, qe une jap me shume dhurata se sa marr dhe per kete nuk merzitem fare. Shpresoj kete vit te marr gjera qe nxirren dhe ne blog e jo vetem zarfa (nga ata qe kane hequr dore nga mundimi per te me kenaqur me dhurata mua "Babagjyshin") :P


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