Saturday, December 29, 2012

10 Holiday decorations you already have at home | Part 2

In case you need some ideas for boosting up your home decorations just before your guests arrive or only for your own pleasure, I am sharing seven more decorating ideas you probably already have at home. You can check the first part of the post here.

6. Red and festive motives tableware

7. Group together plants of the same color

8. Vintage decorations, old style light projectors and vintage cards

9. Christmas present boxes

10. Four seasons holidays decorations, from Easter, S.Valentine and all you celebrate

11. Natural material decorations (wood, branches, rope)

12. Feminine touches that double as ornaments (jewellery, bows, ribbons, garlands)

This year, I don't seem to stop willing to decorate for the holidays. 
Do you feel the same or are you done early and don't feel like adding more later? 
Whatever your style is, enjoy your home and your family this days :)

| Love, Lisa |


  1. Duhej pak me heret ky postiiii,, do na kishe dhene shuuuume ide :)

    1. Jona une ne kohe jam, po ti ke ikur ne Rome :P


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