Monday, December 16, 2013

Gift Wrapping - One paper ten ways

I could easily be a gift wrapper if that was a profession (I googled it and it doesn't exist - such a pity). Not that I am the best one out there (they say I'm good, but let's keep it modest) but I enjoy doing it, sometimes more than the gift shopping itself. Usually I wrap every gift differently, according to the person I'm giving it to. But I am aware that many people hate the whole process and consider it time consuming.

In order not to drag yourself at a slow lady packing with shiny cheap paper at flower shops or shopping malls, I am sharing a big secret with you: "Use only one wrapping paper". This might not be shocking or big, but trust me, it helps a lot. The process goes faster and smoother and cheaper if you use only one color or even the same design. If you are wrapping more than ten gifts, use gift tags to write the names or if you have multiple gifts per person, use the same ribbon for each. A quick reminder to not let you give the wrong package to people.

Just in case you are wondering if there is another secret to not end up with a lame pile of same boxes, actually there is. The toppings! Have a look at ten different ways to wrap a present using the same paper (I used two red papers here just to make the pictures less boring for the blog, so no cheating). If you can choose, go for a more minimal one, with less design and definitely less colors, because it will be much more versatile. The first design below is so colorful and dense graphically that I considered impossible to work with, but it ended up okay. Enjoy!

1. A white/gold/silver ribbon and ornaments matching the paper design. Have fun with this idea. The quirkier the ornament the more fabulous the result.

2. Twine is a classic favorite material to use instead of ribbon. Pair it with more earthy toppings, like pine cones and red branches.

3. Add a Santa if you feel more adventurous.

4. Black satin ribbon makes a dramatic effect on white/red paper. Emphasize by adding a couple of mini gold pine cones.

5. Or break the drama with a small funny ornament/pin.

6. To go with the glam theme, top it with a glitz ornament or disco ball. The shinier the better.

7. This vintage Santa is adorable and timeless to everyone.

8. If you run out of toppings, a simple red ball will do.

9. Something gold and something red always make a statement.

10. Red ribbon on white/red paper looks bold and happy. A natural touch with branches, leaves or pine cones will balance the result quite well.

You see how a cheap wrapping paper and simple ribbons transform into a more thoughtful presentation with the little additions as toppings. These are all things lying around the house, pieces of old decorations or parts of wreaths.

Do you usually go bold with the toppings or do you put more emphasis on the wrapping paper? I'd love to know what you think!

P.s : In case you are looking for more ideas to cherish these days (that are going by so fast - someone stop the calendar) here are 40 festive activities you might like.

| Love, Lisa |


  1. Lisa, wrapping is definitely one of my weaknesses! I just have a very hard time with it! But you seem to have a talent for it! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    PS: I just found myself reading through all your past post blogs! I loved everything! Reading those just made me want to get to know you in person! Next time I am in Tirana, I'd love to meet you! :)


    1. Ema you just made my day :) Thank you for all the kind words. It would be a pleasure to meet you too, just let me know !
      Wrapping is difficult for many people that is why I considered posting a couple of tricks about it, just because I enjoy it particularly. I have another post coming up, so stay tuned ;)
      Have a great week!


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