Sunday, December 15, 2013

GIFTS - For the baby

It was not until recently that I got into the fun and dangerous path of searching cute baby stuff. And to be honest (hopefully not rude too) I did not understand all the baby gift guides. It was very odd to me that a baby would need that much stuff, so I just kept skipping them.

But this year we welcomed our first little one in the family (my niece) and she is my most favorite person to shop for. However the process is tricky, because she already has everything, her parents know when she needs something and they get it for her and most importantly she lives in another country and by the time our presents reach her she might have already outgrown clothes.

Keeping these in mind, here are five suggestions that would work well for a baby you have to gift, without duplicating their stuff and risking with their size.

1. An ornament with the baby's name or aunt/uncle written on top is a unique idea, that will for sure be cherished in the years to come.

You can also choose a theme and start a collection which you will grow year by year, for example animals, flowers, forest, angels, dolls, galaxy etc.

2. A bunch of classic books. Because it's never too early to start reading to a baby. These minis series comes in perfect colors and very affordable price.

3. A pair of festive shoes. Yes, they might already own 10 pairs of shoes, but in this holiday season everyone wants to look at little ones and the cuter they are dressed the better. So what better occasion you might have to gift these small beauties? Just choose a pair of crochet or elasticated ones, to make sure they will fit. If you are extra handy or have a grandma who can make this, then the gift is extra special.

4. Accordion photo book. A fun twist on a traditional photo album, especially for the little ones. There are two ideas I thought for my niece. Either put all pictures I have of her until now (maybe one for each month) or put pictures of family members of the little one on each page (mother, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins - if there are two many put groups of 2 or 3 people together). It would be a nice memory booster as the child grows up, especially not to forget people that live far away like we do.

5. Piggy bank. I have to admit I kept this one on my shelf for many days, that's how cute it is. Think of the little one's future by gifting this piggy bank to keep the money people will give to the parents of the child (in my country there is a strong tradition of giving money to the family that has a baby - especially their first). Also having the piggy bank around will encourage everyone in the family to fill it with money. There you have it, a gift that keeps giving.

- Bonus -
6. A donation in the baby's name name. If you want to skip material gifts altogether, you might find making a donation helpful. Try to find an international cause you believe in (there are many regarding African children in need of basic things such as formula, water, mosquito nets etc.) or choose something local that appeals to you. Here is a small example from last year. Sustainable and giving. The parents will thank you for not bringing extra stuff and for the thoughtful gesture.

Did you find any of these inspiring? What will you be gifting to the little ones this year? Ideas from mamas are always welcomed because they know best what they really want for their children.

| Love, Lisa |


  1. Une nuk kam asnje ide per dhurata per te vegjlit kete vit :(

    1. Jona nuk e di sa vjec jane vogelushet e jetes tende, por ja ku eshte nje ide interesante per 4-8 vjec (edhe me heret nuk besoj se ben keq).


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