Monday, November 19, 2012

Frozen Fall Outfits || Navy striped dress

This is not a post I should have put on weeks ago my friends. Neither did the calendar go crazy. We still have Fall around at my country. And sometimes  it even feels like very early Fall, the one you can't even bare your tights and boots and scarves. But it gets chilly enough on mornings and evenings, so i always have to be prepared, keep a few layers on just in case. 

To continue my Fall Frozen Outfit series (you can see previous posts 1, 2, 3), I created this one based on my latest purchase, a striped navy shift dress. It is as versatile I thought it would be, it can be worn morning till evening and it is oh so comfortable. It's one of those pieces you feel like wearing all four seasons if you could get away with it.


It is so odd when the cool months come and you want to purchase so many things, most of which you consider basic items, but in the end you find yourself in black leggings, boots and a long sweater or cardigan all over again. Now I am mostly sure that Fall clothes will not be going to change drastically from year to year, not in my closet, nor in the fashion world. Because we are more in love with the feeling and fantasies of this season than the material things. We crave the falling leaves and the crisp air, the cozy knits and sweet smells, some woods burning and of course being in love and cuddling all day. At least this is what I want myself to believe from now on, that I don't need so many new things to enjoy the magic of my favorite season.
Here are six ways I planned to wear the dress, including 2 pairs of boots, 1 pair of flats and maybe a pendant necklace or a light neutral scarf. 
I have only tried the first and the third combination, but I am eager to see if you come up with any other ideas. They are mostly welcome :)

May you all have a lovely week!

| Love, Lisa |


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  2. Hey Lisa, shume faleminderit per idete qe na jep sa here poston :)
    Edhe une kam nje fustan me vija bezhe+kafe, e bleva me shume qef dhe e kam veshur vetem njehere :/. Tani po filloj te fantazoj se si do e vesh ne menyra te ndryshme :DD

    1. Jona te falenderon per fjalet e tua gjithmone te mira :)
      Me duket se fustani jot eshte ai qe kishe veshur ne Kosove? Me shume potencial me duket. Mund ta kombinosh me jeshile pylli (te erret) ose te bardhe ose te verdhe. Mezi pres t'i shoh kombinimet :)

  3. Sa kombinime te bukura. E kam dhe une nje fustan/bluze te tille, sepse me shume sesa fustan eshte bluze e gjate, qe vishet me strece. Tani qe pash kombinimet e tua, do i provoj te gjitha :D

    1. Me behet qejfi qe te pelqyen. Per sa kohe jane strecet e trasha dhe opake, mund ta veshesh me cizme bluzen njelloj si fustan. Raporto per provat e tua :)

  4. Me encanta tu blog tienes mucho estilo y buen gusto preciosa,
    te invito a que pases por el Rincón estoy de Sorteo de un bolso de Mango puedes elegir el que más te guste un besazo y mucha suerte nos vemos pronto

    1. Muchas gracias. Tu blog esta precioso tanbien :)

  5. Lovely post xox


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