Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Frozen Fall Outfits || Pleated skirt

It is not common to freeze meals here in the Balkans, but from today on I will embrace the tradition. For a twist, I will be freezing outfits! You might be feeling all clever now by recalling many other better ways to keep track of your outfits, but believe me, none of that has helped me. Not even Pinterest, phone notes, photos, drawings, shopping wishlists, nothing. 
Let's hope that creating a post series about it will help me get into the habit of always having an outfit on hand, spend less in buying cheap stuff online and of course inspire myself and you to try nice things this fall. Because let's face it ladies, we are all going to feel like we have nothing to wear and we totally need a whole new closet of clothes and we swear this year we are starting our capsule/ basics' wardrobe by only buying good quality pieces, with timeless designs and classic values. While I will be praying for all of you to accomplish this, let's go on with plan B. 

What can we not afford not buying this season and it can be paired with many of the items we already have and love? My first choice is a pleated skirt. It was hard for me to find one that complements my body shape, has a versatile length and is a neutral yet rich color. Brown! Was I scared of it first? Hell yeah. I hadn't even noticed it for several weeks, until I saw some beautiful images of brown and blue outfits. So classy, so feminine, so Fall-ish, so lovable. Now off I go to get the skirt and get out of the closet what I (and you) already have - a striped jumper, a chambray shirt and a white one.


  1. Une e kam nje fund te tille, por e kam ne ngjyre gri.Do ti provoj me te tre keto kombinime dhe ne fund do te te falenderoj ty :P

  2. Une e kam te kuq nje fund me pala dhe nuk e di a mund ta pershtas me rroba vjeshte :(

    1. Jona shume e thjeshte eshte. Biles tani qe po shikoja propozimet e mia, te treja mund te pershtaten me fundin tend te kuq, sepse shkon e kuqja me jeans, me blu dhe me te bardhe. Provoje me nje bluze mariniere te thjeshte si fillim keto dite qe eshte ende vape. E kuqja eshte "in" me shume se kurre sivjet :)

    2. Ja kam thene qe e kuqja eshte in, po ben si e veshtire kot :P

    3. Hehehe eshte in dhe cuditerisht kete vit po me duket dhe me e lehte per t'u kombinuar, ndoshta ngaqe po mesohet syri duke e pare ngado :)


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