Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How is blogging changing me for good

It is very soon to assume big things, but until now I have noticed some small and some big changes in myself and I am happy most of them are positive. Of course, I can't deny my eyes are more red than ever and I have dark circle under my eyes because of the extended time I spend in front the laptop, but this is oh so wonderful. My experience is too little compared to most of other bloggers out there, but good things show up early, don't they.

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  • Determination [I used to quit as soon as I got bored or frustrated, but now I see myself almost always go all the way down when I want to create something.]
  • Prioritizing [Now my evening time is either about wandering around the web, reading my favorite blogs or developing my own. You can guess which one wins, right? I never understood people saying "I find some time in the weekend to go through my favorite blogs or I spend 15minutes each morning reading the news". Now I see the internet time is indeed limited and not enough to do everything every day.]
  • Pushing my limits [ It is always a marathon of new ideas, better blog appearance and structure, stronger writing and original content, while keeping my voice always like me ]
  • Consistency [Frankly, I feel so bad if I don't post daily, like skipping a day of school or leaving an exam for the fall season. Really!]
  • English refresh [You know English is not my native language and although I have studied it for almost 11 years, I still find myself getting words wrong and it breaks my heart, but still feel better the second time when I make the mistake no more.]
  • Valuation [While I guessed it is hard to find nice things to post, I didn't guess it takes forever to compose the post with all the stuff I want to get right.]

  • Networking [I always used to comment in blogs when I felt I had something to add or comment, but now I do it more often, because I know how important it is for a blogger to see that inbox full of notifications.]
  • Fast Forward Thinking [This is another one I didn't quite get, bloggers saying they are thinking of fall and winter holidays ideas from August. How is it possible, while all people want to do is have vacations and dream of the next ones? Well, now, hello Christmas from September!]
  • The importance of a journal [A simple notebook is so much better than the phone I used to write notes in until now. This post was originally written in my A6 notebook at 3 am right before bed time.]
  • Being the boss [You have to filter everything by yourself, leave out what is not good enough, correct yourself, take decisions and set limits for everything. It seems very contradictive as creative types don't like bosses, rules and being told what to do, yet they seek an alternative way with the strictest boss ever - themselves. Let's hope this kind of relation with myself is not going to end up with hate.]
  • Looking back [Oddly enough, since I was in elementary school, I never went back to check what I had written. Somehow I believed that the first thing I thought was right and whatever corrections I would make would create a non original content. This bad tradition has followed me strongly until today, but since I write in this blog I must go back from time to time. You know, grammar mistakes and making sense first of all, because thinking and writing fast is not always logical. It helps a lot that I think in English and I don't have to do all that disturbing process of writing in my language and translating, but still at times my thoughts run too fast and I have to keep them under control. But I only have a quick look, I don't feel comfortable reading the whole post.]
  • Being happy [Feeling passionate about something as little as your blog gives you the power to be happy no matter what the weather outside is or how much money you have left for this month. There's a secret world waiting for you, one where things are how you want them to be, happy, positive and inspiring. You feel good because you are getting inspired and thus people get inspired by you. 
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Do you believe blogging has made you better at some things? Is it worth the time and effort you put into your blog? It is all about feeling accomplished and happy at the end of the day (or at the beginning of the new one) right?


  1. This is such an interesting question. Sometimes I think if blogging has really made me better. If it is pushing me to be the best version of myself. If I am using it for the right purposes. In the end, happiness is the true purpose to life, and connecting with others. I believe if we let it, blogging can do all of that.
    xo TJ

    1. I am glad you agree TJ. As you said it better than I could, if we let it, blogging can do all of that. It all began with free, about anything, writing and personal in blogging, but then it turned into who's having the best lifestyle, the cutest dog and the best sponsors. Let's try and take it back to the basis, as a happiness provider :)
      Thank you for passing by and commenting !

  2. Yet another wonderful post :)!

    My purpose for creating a blog was to have a happy/positive place on the web where I can (maybe) inspire somebody or give a new perspective to look at something.

    It is sooo easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of why I don't have this many followers or why aren't I this clever or that stylish. Blogging has thought me to be myself and do my own thing - probably the greatest thing one can learn.

    You have just gained a new follower!
    Keep up the good work! You rock!

    1. Thank you Risse for making me feel I am doing things right this way :)
      I believe that now that blogs are countless in number and niche, it is difficult to aspire to be a top blogger or to live out of blogging money. It is just unreal and very difficult. So the only thing you can do is express yourself and do your own thing and whatever opportunities are willing to come, make them welcomed. Although internet and searching machines can help you extremely when looking for advice or inspiration or help, it never hurts running over someone whom you share same ideas or taste or life experiences, it just makes things more personal. I strongly believe everyone has something valuable to show the world and sharing only brings good to both parties.
      Thank you again for cheering me up this morning!

  3. Nuk mund vecse te jem plotesisht dakort me kete qe ke shkruar Lisa! E gjeja veten ne secilen nga pikat qe ti ke pershkruar! Edhe pse ne ndonje moment kjo puna e blog-ut eshte si nje thike me dy presa, sepse ti e hap pikerisht per te qene mire ne radhe te pare me veten tende dhe per te ndare dicka nga vetja, jeta, apo perditshmeria jote (dhe kjo nuk eshte gjithmone e lehte), nderkohe qe ka dhe disa njerez qe nuk kursehen te ta prishin kete deshire dhe pasion. Ndonjehere madje me kthehet edhe ne stres, sepse njesoj sic e thua dhe ti do te doja ti dedikoja me shume kohe, por angazhimet e shuuuuumta te dites qe kam, ma bejne te pamundur kete. Gjithesesi praktika dhe koha eshte miku me i mire ne kete rast.
    Personalisht si nje blogere e re, te falenderoj shume sinqerisht per kenaqesine qe me dhuron me cdo shkrim tendin :)

    1. Aulona e vleresoj shume mendimin tend dhe komentet e tua, qe ndonjehere jane postim me vete, pasi zhvillojne pika te metejshme dhe duket sikur po bejme nje debat te hapur mediatik :)
      Edhe ne rastin tend duket qarte qe merr kenaqesi nga ajo qe po ben, sepse po te ishte ndryshe, do mundoheshe te imitoje te tjerat, te merrje borxh veshje dhe aksesore te shtrenjte per te bere figure, do futeshe neper vende me emer sa per te bere dy foto fshehurazi etj etj. Le te dalim nga stereotipet dhe te bejme ate gjene shtese qe te tjeret nuk e bejne. Po shoh shume blog-e mode qe po hapen ne Shqiperi dita dites dhe jo eshte pozitive, por kur ben dicka me shume se sa tregon garderoben tende apo produktet firmato te tualetit do te thote se po e ben se pari per vete dhe pastaj per te tjeret.
      Kalofsh nje dite te bukur :)

  4. I couldn't agree more. I would agree that blogging has impacted me in very similar ways. I couldn't imagine life without it now.

    1. You are one of the people who inspire me the most Victoria and everything you create for your blog reflects a person that blogging has only made her better and better :)
      Thank you so much for your comments!


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