Sunday, February 16, 2014

What will get you through Monday (or any day actually)

I don't have a big issue with Mondays and actually I like them more then Sundays (reason why). If it wasn't for everyone out there calling Monday names and making me feel like I need to be a superhuman to go through that day, I could even call it my favorite day, who knows.

The deal is, most of us like the idea of new starts, fresh opportunities and possibilities, but we never relate Monday with this bright side. New Year and Spring and Fall are for the above, but Mondays are for the difficulties, the "getting back to reality", the "I hate everyone today", the "give me another late morning", the "I have nothing to wear" and "I don't feel like washing my hair today". Truth is Mondays could be all these and maybe much worse in cases. Many of you out there only have a day or two at most to pause from the monotony and daily schedules, to fit in all the rest and fun and to do list accomplishments you can. And maybe because I spend most of time part time working, collaborating and working for myself, I don't go perceive the shocking transition too badly.  Any day can be hard, sometimes an hour can be hard, so hard you cannot wait for it to be gone. And whatever "5 things to do on Sunday evening to feel great on Monday" advices you follow and no matter how much outfit and meal planning you do for the entire week, tough times feel bad psychologically more than they actually are on the practical aspect.

It seems to me that I have been doing this unintentional thing a few times, but not especially in difficult moments or harsh days. As I have been driving by the river that runs in the middle of our city, I have been dreaming of passing by Seine and its romantic lights. While having a coffe at a random bar I have imagined myself being in a cute little cafe somewhere in the alleys of Portugal or Greece. At times I am working in my messy room at night, I pretend I'm in the middle of a beautiful tidy space. See where I am going with this?

Own your senses and direct them. Don't let them perceive the bad and ugly stuff and transmit it to you. Instead feed them with beauty, travel, dreams, plans, cakes, whatever makes you escape the reality and make your heart quietly happy. I have a vivid imagination and I can easily travel wherever I want, but if you need a little help, go with visual stimulation like looking at pictures or reading.

Here is an essay that feels like a page from a classic novel and the way the writer describes their morning ritual might make you appreciate yours too. This is an instagram feed that you can check when you need to leave reality right away, because roséline is very consistent in her dreamy style in every picture (at the blog too). These are some tips I put together to find inspiration and happiness. And finally this tumblr will make you laugh, if all else fails to occupy your senses.

In the end, do all you know best and what works for you, but having an extra tool feels powerful enough to rock any hard time, even if you don't actually use it.

Have a great Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday my friends!  
(See what I did there? I occupied your eyes to read all the days' names and forget about your unwashed hair for Monday)

| Love, Lisa |


  1. Thelle thelle edhe mua me pelqen e hena, sikur jam me e shplodhur, me me shume frymezim se ditet e tjera te javes :)

    1. Nice to hear that...Se ne fund te fundit ditet jane ato cfare ne i bejme ;)
      Jave te mbare!


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