Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sweeter Sundays

Unlike many others, that I'm jealous of, I don't enjoy Sundays since early childhood. While the true reason might be very deep and psychological or even a result of routine, I fear the feeling of being moody, uninspired, sleepy, hungry and numb all day. Thus most of those 7th days we end up in the neighborhood having the usual coffee in an old favorite bar, where you feel like a loser while all the cook people are out there away from you doing something great. In tribute to forcing myself change this stupid (lack of) things to do and maybe inspire some of you a little bit, I will be turning into another direction, alternative ways to enjoy ordinary things a little more.

To go to your usual or favorite spot, get off your usual path. Take another way or take a long stroll around the city, and when possible head to the suburbs.

Don't hesitate to slow down or even stop when you see something interesting or worth capturing by your camera or phone.

If you think a path or slope or route could be leading you to somewhere nice, then follow it, don't be afraid to delay a while. Call me silly, but I have this thing for narrow streets going in an up or down direction, I secretly believe they take you to a magic place, unusual for what is going on around and what someone might expect. Maybe you won't find anything special, but you just do it.

And who know, sometimes you can find yourself in a totally dreamy landscape, one you didn't know existed and one that seems so ridiculously beautiful to have been in your city forever without you being there before.

Even if you cannot do much there, just snap a few pictures, breath the air for a while and see what is going on around. What the plants and flowers are, what the houses look like (if any), what activities do you spot and other details help you build memories and enjoy your exploration for longer after you go home and think about it all week.

And please remember that sometimes all we need to do to run over something interesting be it Sunday or not, is to turn our perspective a few angles. Try staring down and explore the ground or just turn your sight up to what's going on to the sky.

However, if none of the above happens, you will end up cherishing a ride and a conversation with your loved ones or friends. Let's enjoy our sweeter Sundays to come!


  1. I love your posts! They are so real! I feel the same about sundays, i hate them becouse i stay all day in front of the frige eating everything that's inside :P

  2. Oh God!! The fight with the fridge is the common Sunday activity in our family :P


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