Friday, September 7, 2012

I have a question

Usually people use to write about their tips and process openly in their blog after they have reached a certain point of being successful. But I am so into the process that I am thinking to share some things with you every now and then. I would like to put out my questions and concerns as a non experienced blogger and show you my journey if you are interested. Hopefully some of you will laugh hard and some others might shake heads remembering the times they had the same problems. 
Feel free to answer my questions or to share your stories.
Here I go:

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I have been reading blogs for at least two years before I gave mine a shot. Occasionally, when the post was appealing to me, or it needed my opinion I have shared my thoughts and comments. And of course I appear as Lisa (short for my difficult real name), with a link to a profile and an empty blog.
Now that I have started posting, I keep on commenting on my favorite blogs. Sometimes I want to write my blog url at the end of the comment so that the awesome blog host can have a look at my place, because how would they know I have my own blog otherwise?! But I am pretty hesitating most of the time, as it feels very cheap. I have always been fond of playing fair my whole life, and now I am magically assuming people will find out about my awesome blog and will fight to comment first to my posts. While I know that has not any chance of happening, without some good well spread marketing (I have not even told my closest friends and family about Happy By - Hah!) I still avoid writing my url, as I don't want people to think I am commenting asking them a favor to check out my blog. Of course I will keep on reading them and commenting them even if they never pay back a visit here, but hey, it's sooo nice when you see someone actually get to see what are you up to, like dear Anna of Honor of Design, Rachel, Clara, and Boheme de Luxe did along with local bloggers who are supporting each other (thank you Eranda, Jonki, and Aulona).
Eventually, even when I go for it a few times, I feel bad, like I am cheating or promoting my blog in the wrong way. Sure, I have to do it more often because that is the only fast way to spread out the word, but I have to do a lot of work convincing myself if it is right or not. However I respect all those wonderful comment makers who are not afraid to write down their link.

Have you ever had this dilemma? Is it right to let others know about your blog when you are commenting their posts or you better spread the news by "viral marketing" amongst friends and family?


  1. Une mendoj qe nuk ka asgje te keqe ne qofte se e shkruan url e blog-ut ose url e postimit me te fundit. Te promovosh ato cfare ti shkruan eshte gje e mire. ( mund ti vendosesh ne blogs te cilet nuk e njohin blogun tend) :DD

  2. Faleminderit per mendimin! Edhe une them se ska gje te keqe per ata qe nuk te njohin, por problemin e kam me blog-et qe lexoj prej shume kohesh per shembull dhe papritur shtoj nje url :P...Eshte thjesht nje fiksim qe duhet ta heq (me nxitim)

  3. Oh how lovely it is to read that somebody else has thought about this too.
    I have decided not to put the link to my blog on comments for the exact same reason you had :)

    I'm glad I stopped by your blog!

    Have a joyful day!


    1. Oh Risse, thank you for not making me feel dumb and lonely.
      I have become a little less shy about it, but still feeling like using other bloggers and dragging them by force to my blog.

      Thank you for stopping by :)


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