Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Easy tips to make choices faster

I'm terrible at choosing only one thing between many and I feel like chocking in the depth and width of possibilities and the results of picking or not picking every single item. I read this article today who made me feel a little bit better knowing other people fight with this issue too.

Beside the funny notes and great advices you can find in the article, there is a little trick I mastered all by myself while pinning hundreds of engagement rings in a Pinterest board that was supposed to be an inspirational board for my fiance to look at. He is the guy who needs an A and a B to choose from, put a C there and he looses track. Not only I was choosing different types of rings (from baroque to modern), but I was pinning similar cuts and many colors of the same style over and over. After noticing my craziness, I stopped. Here is what I did before pinning every single image, although I felt like I loved them all at first sight.

1. Asking myself "Would I be happy if he got me this particular one?" If the answer was yes, in the board it goes. If the answer was dunno or maybe, it gets out. So, I only had to be honest with myself and taking the choices one by one, treating them as the final one, which felt less overwhelming. This can apply in many cases, like when pinning for a project inspiration, shopping, choosing details for an event, choosing furniture, decorating etc. Sometimes I only like a detail or two in an image and I make sure I emphasize that (in the description if it is a pin or by circling the detail with a pen on paper or by cropping out the rest).

2. Also, going back to your choices after a couple of days or even months, will decrease their number for sure, because there will be items you don't feel still positive about. I do this when I come up with ten versions for a design project, interior choices or items on the online shopping basket.

I repeat, I'm still struggling to be a fast decision maker, so any tried tips from you experts out there that can choose your future house in 5 minutes are more than welcomed :)

On another note, if you are in the looking, here is a guide I put together for choosing the perfect ring for you...

| Love, Lisa |


  1. Engagement ring????? jam shume e lumtur per ty :))))

    1. Kaq te ngeli nga gjithe posti ?? :P:P:P
      Faleminderit shume per fjalet e mira! Edhe pse historia eshte pak e hershme, une e perdora per hir te blogut sot :)


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