Sunday, September 2, 2012

How to find the perfect ring

While the weddings season is almost over in Albania, a lot of people are thinking and planning of getting engaged or even married not that the new air of fall is in the air. You can have an headache even when slightly thinking what expects to be planned for the event, but let's go baby steps. What is the first thing you need, beside a loved one? The ring of course. Sometimes people make the romantic proposal without one, if they happen to be in the middle of nowhere while vacations or because the idea hits them immediately, but they need to get the real thing after that very soon.

To some choosing a ring is easy and fun, to some it is difficult to choose because they want them all, and to folks like me other issues may occur. I personally like different things, far from what I see on others' hands or wedding pictures. Honestly, I don't like the majority of classic rings out there because they seem to be very similar to each other.
After long research and talk with myself (it is hard to understand what you truly love and need) I have narrowed down my choices and have figured out several rules and in case you have "special needs" like me, have a look and help yourself from feeling "blank" during the hunt of a diamond.

1. Go simple - stoneless
This is a very smart and safe choice, especially for engagement as it is enough to have something representing love, but not hitting the bank high with something you are not sure you will always like. You can play with texture, models, carving and shapes. Here are a few alternatives.

2. Go bold - colored stone
I have always been fond of the rich colors of big colored stones (emerald, pink sapphire, ruby, citrine, etc). While you might think it is risky to go for it as it might not look like an eternity ring, let me tell you that if you feel like that it's enough. Rings are no longer a sign of commitment for others to see but a pleasure for our heart to enjoy and be able to maintain everyday. If you are bold enough to rock your rock wherever whenever, don't hesitate. See for yourself.

3. Timeless - from the past
While most people can bet with me that a timeless ring should be contemporary or classic, I have this thing for old, vintage and thematic eras rings. Especially art deco models make my heart mellow. Maybe it is the gorgeous details or the veil of mystery and aristocracy they carry, but they are one of a kind for sure. If you don't like to hold one that used to belong to a stranger, opt for a vintage like model made for you but inspired from the past, like the ones below.


3. Design it
If you have the time and budget to design your own ring, everything is solved. Well you need a very skilled vendor to create it and if you choose a jewellery shop be sure to have a copyright contract in case you don't want your design to be produced in mass.

4. The best of the rest
This might be the easiest alternative. Looking at thousands of contemporary rings on the web, I have noticed that some of them might not be that bad. When the diamond is big (bonus if colorful) and the shape interesting, they blink at me. You might consider this alternative for last minute shopping, or when budget is limited or even for a non fussy situation. My favorite cut is the cushion and the round one.

There are a lot of choices out there, but no one can choose better than you. I strongly suggest couples to go shopping together, to avoid unpleasant surprises if the groom or family and friends help deciding for the ring. Or at least collect some images online or from magazines and share them with your future husband, so he can have a clear idea of what you like. Then leave the budgeting and final word to him to maintain the romantic essence. 
Don't forget that apart from how beautiful a ring looks, you should check if it suits your fingers (if you have not so regular, long and lean fingers you won't be comfortable in a thick surface one) and if it is easily maintainable (you don't want soap/dirt/dust leftovers on your precious jewellery and falling diamonds) and of course if it pairs well with casual or dressy outfits. 
Good luck choosing and remember that you will love and cherish it forever, as soon as you get the perfect for you ring! 

If you are planning a wedding or just like getting inspired, pop over to Pinterest and check out my dream wedding board loaded with cute ideas and even more rings ideas.

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