Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Twist on Fall Trends

The new fall-winter trends have been bursting everywhere the past weeks. Most of us, who can't wait are already well packed for the new season, but I am sure not every trend out there is for everyone and no offense, but some are even not that great.
I have to confess when I saw this new trend for the first time, my mind flashed back to my 6th or 7th grade. That year the burgundy and deep purple were honored and I had a faux leather coat (I am not so proud of that period of my life) and matching shoes (I wish I knew where they disappeared).
So you can guess I wasn't exactly over enthusiastic about it. But as proved for the past years blogs and websites makes you embrace and like everything sooner or later, partly because you see it everywhere and partly because you discover some acceptable ways to incorporate it into your outfits.
For this reason I am inspired to propose you three alternatives to get (out of the closet if you already have them) burgundy or oxblood, as they call it now.

1 || Bedding in wine by Anthropology

You might have has this for a long time as a wedding present or vintage find and never had the guts to put it out. Fall is the perfect time to introduce deep colors to your room decor, paired with neutrals like white earthy tones like mustard and library green.

2 || Body in oxblood by Topshop

This item is very probably to never go out of use as can be worn as a layer or focus point of your upper outfit. You can make it feel goth, rock, minimal, luxury or sexy, it's up on you to accessorize and match things.

3 || Pleated lace skirt in purple by Topshop
I was a little bit doubtful about this at first, but how cute will it be next spring with white and tan or pastel hues? Girly and romantic enough to not look kitch and with an edgy cut to make you feel modern and on time with the new trend.

Tip : Tend towards more purple-ish and plum-ish colors that can have the chance to still stay in your wardrobe when the trend is gone (history has been very bad to this color) and be paired with pastel hues, naturals or luxury materials. 

Have fun shopping and finding the right hue for you!


  1. As vete nuk di ta shpjegoj perse, por mua me pelqeu ideja qe kjo ngjyra ishte ne trend kete sezon. Mbase ngaqe eshte nga te paktat ngjyra qe nuk e kam ne garderob :P dhe keshtu nuk me eshte lodhur syri me te dhe jam e gatshme te eksperimentoj. Me pelqen shume ai fundi qe ke vendosur ti. Ate po qe do ta vishja me qejf

  2. Po eshte e vertete qe nuk eshte "nderuar" prej vitesh kjo ngjyre ne kete mase sa kete sezon. Edhe mua me pelqen shume fundi sepse eshte femeror dhe me teksture te qete, ndryshe nga materiali i lekures qe kam pare shume keto dite neper blogs.
    Faleminderit qe kalove nga Happy By :)


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