Saturday, September 1, 2012

Why I got mad at blogs and Pinterest

The last week I have been feeling very uncomfortable browsing blogs and Pinterest. You could clearly see everyone quoting "end of summer" and "welcome fall" and endless fall outfit ideas were everywhere.
I got mad, really mad, as someone who enjoys summer until the end of september (last year I was tanning and swimming until October), thinking they don't have the right to "cut out" other people's plans or dreams about the ongoing summer. And I started believing that summer was ending because everyone was pointing it out. Silly, I know, but adding the change of climate this year, I was expecting a short season. Unfortunately, I did not honor it from early May/June, by believing I will have plenty of time and chances to cherish it when I want.
Trying to squeeze the vacation with my man in September has played a big role into expanding the hysteria of sun going away. I swear, it was the first time I was checking weather forecasts like a maniac and making threatening faces when hearing people talk about chill coming.
No doubt I was desperately ignoring the new season coming, even when I got a "Happy Fall" sms. I kept doing this until today, precisely 3 hours ago. The weather did not turn cool, but the sky was different. Extra layers were not needed, but a new mood was. French songs on the background made the evening sweet and romantic and were strangely telling me "Give up! You can not stretch summer all by yourself. Remember how much you love fall and how much you hate heat?".

Then I got lit. Yes, I love fall more than any other season, I feel me best, creativity flows and romance hits red. You might be obviously confused and think why was I paranoic about?
Human nature (being a cancer helps a lot too) requires what it cannot have, what is gone, what was not enjoyed, what makes you nostalgic. It was a way of punishing myself for not getting the most out of this summer, but it was the worst way I choose as it made me not really enjoy the last few days of summer (I am quoting too) and not being excited about the new things coming.

Now I am calm and inspired, not only because I read this months horoscope and it predicts 2 trips for me, but because change came smoothly and sweetly. I am not considering it as loosing everything summery anymore or being forbidden to enjoy careless days and rest.

For all you friends that might have felt just a little bit like me (I don't expect anyone to have gone as crazy as I did), here is a way to play it double and be flexible. Hey, if a sunny thing calls in, just run to it and if you get a breezy opportunity don't let it go thinking you might be getting more later.

You never know what the season will bring us, but all we can do is let things go by their natural flow and be ready to adjust and make the most out of everything no matter how soon or late it might seem. Let's celebrate and not make the same mistake again by assuming wrong.

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  1. Hah, I get your point !
    I had no summer vacations myself, as I attended schools all summer, so I'm looking forward some days off, at some water place (most probably pool), as everybody will be going at work or school...
    SUCKS !
    miss you !


  2. I feel less crazy and lonely when someone understands me:)
    Most of the people I know are done with vacation and it feels like you have no right to feel sumerish anymore :(

    Miss you too. Thanks for stopping by :))))
    Hugs xo


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