Friday, August 24, 2012

I am going to crash your wedding !!

The other day my fiance and I were having a drink at a resort just outside the city. We have been there several times and we know they use to organize weddings in there. As we were randomly talking about how we never understood where they actually happen, because the pool, the bar and the villas are so not connected to each other, I was like "How awesome would it be to rent this place for a wedding?!" Totally randomly though, as we have not made any plans to get married very soon, at least with a public celebration. My man liked this idea (I tried to explain to him all those fairytale Tuscany and Provence and Ace Hotel dreamy weekend weddings everyone blogs about). He loved my point of view (although a bit concerned about the total spending of the whole thing - he's a savor, unlike me splashy splashy on the green thing).
And so I started to feel the butterflies in my stomach and accidentally I had started imagining our own wedding kinda like that.

Suddenly he says:
"But we can't do it like that!"
"Why?"- I almost scream.
"Because you won't be there."
"Why?"- Yet for the screaming to explode.
"Because you will be at your own wedding and I can not see you until Saturday."
Facepalm !!
You see, in addition to all classic marriage rules and chliches, we have the tradition of separated marriages in our country. The bride has her own party on Saturday, where the groom comes for a few hours only and they both celebrate again on Sunday.
Although I appreciate tradition and stuff, I do not want to marry by strictly depending on them.
So you can imagine how annoyed and said I was. Guess what I told to my fiance!
 Ha, ha, ha !! (I am not even laughing at this anymore). Very mature, I know, but between laughing and feeling stupid, I was reminded that his wedding will be my wedding too. I didn't care, I was repeatedly  telling him I would crash his/our wedding if he didn't accept to be with me everyday, the whole weekend or just a day, but I was hating the idea of dancing and enjoying our nights apart.
In the end we both agreed that we wanted something special for us, to always remember with joy.
I couldn't stop but top it by saying "That's why most foreign people pay for the wedding themselves, so no one tells them to ride tigers or kiss pigeons."

Do you think I overreacted, or do some things need a twist sometimes?
I have heard and read so many stories of girls not doing what they love and not having the memories that want from their wedding day and I don't want this to happen to me.

If you wish for endless wedding inspiration, have a look at my board on Pinterest.


  1. Looking forward to read how this turned out in the end.

    1. We haven't thrown a wedding party yet, but planning on doing it our own way (which means my own way - just kidding)!


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