Sunday, January 5, 2014

How to keep the holidays alive

I still hope I am not the only one to feel like this every year after January 2nd. But the whole fresh year, good start, new possibilities thing is kinda attracting me a little more this time. However I am not rushing into the new phase as I have so many days ahead to do so.

Instead I am thinking of ways to hold onto the magic of the last month for a bit more. In case you need someone to tell you that you are not a child and immature and selfish for not letting the holidays go already and for not wanting to clean the entire home and change the decor, there you go, I'm your pal and here's a big hug for you. Also, here are 10 ways to extend the warmth of December into this cold January:

- Don't put down the tree! Really, why should you? We usually put ours down by January 6th, but this year it is going to glow for another week (at least), because I cannot find a good reason against this.

- Chase those last lights and decorations. Walk or drive to see the twinkling lights wherever they are still up in your neighborhood or city. It might be bittersweet, but it's a beautiful experience not to come sooner than 10 months from now.

- Watch a holiday movie you couldn't find time for during the holidays. Or watch a favorite one again. Because why not?

- Sip something delicious. It's crazy how are minds work exactly like marketing strategies. We dream of Christmas since October, but as soon as they are gone we start thinking of Valentines or even summer!! Make yourself a hot chocolate, fancy tea, or whatever feels like holidays to you.

- No matter how much you ate the last days, you can still cook or bake. And if you don't want to tempt yourself into eating them all, what a better occasion to share them with friends or neighboors?

- No one is expecting gifts these days. If you missed someone from your gift list, it's time to make up now. Go get something small they will like or regift something you got but would be a better fit for a friend. And in case you want to make space, donate as much as you can now, when it's cold and people really need extra attention.

- Don't get out of your festive pajamas already. Or better yet, get a new pair on discount if you couldn't buy yourself/your family new ones this year.

- If there is anything left on your bank account, you can spoil yourself by shopping something you always wanted or get the necessary things at lower prices with the usual sales of this period.

- I bet you got a lot of pictures during the holidays. Take your time to go through them and the memories they bring back. If you are feeling ambitious, decide what to do with them. Start with a photo book and go on as much as you can with handmade projects.

- Everyone spent their energy hosting parties or attending gatherings during the holidays. If you missed this or still fancy being with friends and family, organize a cozy dinner or laid back party at home to spend time with dear ones. It will be unexpected and so appreciated by everyone.

- Just in case you had back luck like me and didn't receive your Christmas/NY cards on time for the holidays or if you just didn't have time to send some, this is your perfect chance. No one is expecting postcards in January, but what a fun surprise it would be to get a heartfelt note at the beginning of the new year?

I hope these tips will help you not to get the winter blues already. And if you have more sparkling ideas, please do share them in the comments, so more of us can have some fun for a little longer :)

P.s. : What to do in January

| Love, Lisa |


  1. Lisa you are such a great writer! I loved your suggestions. I am not putting my tree down for a while as well. :)

    1. I am so glad you read through and loved my suggestions Ema :)
      Let's leave those trees shine on for a bit more, shall we ;)
      Have a great new week!

  2. Me pelqen shume ajo pjesa e blerjes se gjerave te reja ;)

    1. Edhe mua me pelqen shume, por po mundohem ta le per pak me vone, pasi t'i kem ezauruar te tjerat :P


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