Monday, January 14, 2013

What to do in January

As I already said here I am not feeling as fresh and energetic as anyone else seems to be. This January has found me a little bit down and weak instead. In less than a month I went through a cold and a flu and adding up the humid and cold weather, you can justify my mood. Actually, all I want to do is stay in and not get out at all. Frankly I don't remember how January was like last year (that's why I need a real diary), but this one is feeling bitter, dark and boring. Today I was thinking of the holidays, my favorite time of the year and trying to analyze what makes me feel like the happiest kid on the blog. In short, it starts in my mind since October. I get my first goosebumps listening to season's songs and movies, looking at the decorations, browsing the internet, getting inspired to create projects and DIY-s, prepping up my mind for festive looks and clothes and of course thinking and dreaming and preparing for lots of presents. Instead January is classified as the month of new starts, good habits, infinite ideas, super plans, flowing energy and inner balance. You see how big the contrast is and all these changes are made in a few days. Now I have a clearer view, I already feel normal and inspired to create my plan of happiness for the remaining half of January and probably until spring. Here are some simple ideas I'd like to share with you, in case you need a little happiness booster these days.

  • Take a look back to the highlights of last year. Go through files, projects, articles, poems, inventions, goals, notes, plans, pictures, travel souvenirs, everything positive you experienced in 2012 and celebrate it with laughs, smiles, stories, memories and much needed gratitude.
  • Make photo books, accordion photo cards, personalized objects and Valentine presents with your best pictures, because you don't want to forget your special moments and not share them with the ones you love, living far or near you.
  • Give presents now that nobody expects them. You know how many treasures you can find on Etsy or your local markets. Choose tiny items, personalize them or send them in bulk to your friends, family, employers, partners and everyone you love. The smile on their face with fill you with a long lasting joy.
  • Donate to old people, orphans, people with special needs and homeless or just people who are in need more than you. Cold months are a nightmare for people unable to provide heat, clothes and food.
  • Plan a little getaway to a nearby city or even an overnight at a hotel in your are. Just don't plan big like 2 weeks summer vacations (you can do it, but I prefer not to yet) because it could be stressful. I love having something to look forward to, especially when I'm not feeling well.
  • For every project/task you accomplish, do something fun. Many of us have stuff to do, some even left from last year, school projects and university papers, work bulk tasks or financial issues to review. It could be a terrible situation if you start working and hoping to finish everything in one weekend (it is great if you are done quickly with it and start having fun though) forgetting the time and efforts you need to jump from holidays to cruel days, you skip the baby steps. So after you sort through a big pile of work, reward yourself with something fun, as little as a flavored tea or as big as buying a new dress.
  • Focus on what you have, sort out and evaluate (clothes, stuff, home, money). Before you start listing everything you need for the new year, like spring clothes, new furniture and endless money for everything you dream, take your time to be around what you have. Organize the clothes you are wearing more often and take the rest to the back of your closet. Keep the furniture you love most and get rid of the rest, decorate with DIY objects and fresh flowers. See how much money you spent last year or last month, what you spent it for and what you'd like to change. Consider new ways of cutting back expenses and plan projects you's enjoy doing part time or as a freelancer to gain extra cash or credits.
  • Read magazines, books, online articles. When I get bored I love browsing online and I never stop even when I get bored online. But I have come to the conclusion that books seem to never get me bored, just sleepy after reading for hours at night. Also magazines and story books are a great choice if you have short attention spaces or limited spare time.
  • Do something you hardly ever indulge yourself to like a massage, a spa day, a manicure, a pedicure, swimming, ice skating, walking, running, sipping a Starbucks giant coffee or anything you like but never seem to be doing often.

I hope I can continue this post and come up with more simple ideas. 
Thank you for reading and following me through 2013. 
I feel blessed to share my thoughts with you :)

| Love, Lisa |

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  1. hmmm i need to consider the last one. I've never gotten a manicure or spa-time before! maybe it's about time i tried something new.. ;)


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