Monday, February 4, 2013

Easiest Valentine gift ever (with lights gone out)

The tittle in this case is literate, as I really put this gift together with only a hand torch by me last year. It happened to have the lights go out the evening I planned to make this gift but it didn't turn me down. Actually I enjoyed the whole process, but I cannot say the same for my camera, with all the flash I had to use.
The only preparation I had done earlier in the day was to find a proper box and base (I had both in hand) and buy the candy (I chose his favorite). 

Here is the full list of what you will need:
  • thick cardboard (mine is heart shaped and it used to be a cake's base from a usual bakery-so try your luck in bakeries if you wish. You can cut a not perfect heart yourself or you can go with round or rectangular for a more classic look)
  • a box slightly bigger than the base (it can be heart shaped or round or rectangular to follow the base. I'd love to try with a square one someday, I can already imagine how unixpected and classic it would look)
  • scissors, xacto knife, pen/marker, glue (I used double sided and gum glue to prevent ruining the base, but any kind of hard and instant drying one will be perfect)
  • ribbon
  • piece of paper depending on what you will write (I used an old fax roll and teared it by hand for a more vintage look)
  • candies, sweets

1. Start with the note. Write down a word, two or a thousand, it's up on you. I suggest to write first than adjust the paper. 

2. Glue a dot in the middle of the base and put the middle of the ribbon. 
3. Than add the middle of the paper stripe. Roll the paper using a pen or your hands.

4. Tie the ribbon around it, but not too tight. Now that the most difficult part is done, the fun comes by. Start putting the candies around the note, living it the center of attention. I went with different kind of chocolate bites and bars, but it would look great even if you use one kind only.

5. If you wish do the bottom side too, like I did, or leave it like that too avoid a mess and falling pieces when they will open the present. 

6. Put it carefully in the box and add papers if you need. Red one would match nice in my case. Tie a big ribbon around the box or nothing at all to keep the mystery longer.

Finally you can enjoy a big smile and chocolate teeth on the one you will surprise. My man cherished it for several days last year, eating the treats one by one. The best thing is that the note can be saved alone when the candy is gone and they don't have space to keep the box. Let me know if you like it and if you plan on making one this year to spread the love :)

P.s : for all you who didn't buy that lights gone out thing ;)


  1. Lisaaaa mos u zhduk kaq gjate :/
    Por ja vlen se rikthehesh fuqishem, me super ide dhe super gjetje :)

    1. Thank you girl :) As une nuk dua te zhdukem, me beso, por te pakten kur rikthehem ndihem mire qe me prisni pozitivisht :D

  2. This is so sweet and also a really good reminder that I better get to work on a gift for my hubby, stat!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

    1. Lexi thanks for passing by :) I think the London trip is a great surprise for Valentine ;)


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