Friday, December 26, 2014

Post-Christmas traditions for the whole family

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! I hope you are spending these days with loved ones by your side and in your hearts.
The major excitement for this holiday fades a little after Christmas Eve and everyone gets slightly quiet right after the 25th.
To keep the post-Christmas blues away and introduce something meaningful to your family, you could give these ideas a try. They involve the whole family and can be as quick or as long as you wish.

1. The wrapping paper from the open presents
Don't trash the pile of torn wrapping paper from the open presents yet. Instead, choose a couple or one for each family member (or kids only) and write on the back. It can be your favorite moment from this holidays, your favorite present, the blessings you can count as a family, your wishes for other people or hopes for the next holiday. The options are endless, but pick what is the closest to your heart. After that, you can put all the wrapping paper pieces together and store them with the holiday ornaments until next year, put them in a scrapbook or photo album, assemble them into an art piece for the home or create your own unique ritual.

2. The tree trimmings
When time comes to put down the Christmas tree and all the decorations of the house, make a ritual of slowing down a little. For every bauble or tree trimming that you remove, take a second to associate it with its meaning, a dear memory or just a wish or blessing if it's newly bought. Kids will love to help with this and they can come up with hilarious things. It could teach you all something deep and meaningful, or at least reflect how blessed you were these holidays. Nevertheless, it must be fun to try.

3. The extra food
If you've cooked more food than your family needs or you have items in your pantry that you're not using anytime soon, consider giving it away. Leftovers can be portioned and packaged individually for neighbors, postmen, police officers, cleaning teams, guards and everyone who would appreciate your thoughtful gesture. Driving around the town with your kids and delivering the packages would be fun.
If you want to make this more significant, you might consider teaming up with other families and gather enough food to donate to a shelter, senior house, hospital, orphanage or any other institutions in your area that might need extra help this time of the year.

Here you go! Three simple ideas to try, if you feel like there's nothing exciting until the New Year's Eve or your life needs a little intention.

Leave a comment below if you try them please.

Wishing each and every one of you all the best! Enjoy these days, as they fly by sooo quickly.

May your heart welcome everything it wishes for during this magical season!

See you in 2015 :)

| Love, Lisa |


  1. These are really sweet. I usually whip the tree down as fast as possible after New Year, I like this idea!

    1. It's the first time I'm actually trying that this year. I am excited, but also a little anxious with so many tree trimmings I have to put away.
      Thanks for stopping by Jen!

  2. Happy Holidays from our team too! I hope you will have a blast in the new year.


    1. Thank you Lina for the warm wishes!
      Happy holidays to you all!

      All the best,

  3. I'm like Jen, usually take the tree down pretty quick. Happy New Year to you! :)

    1. I hope you could take a second to make it a tad slower this year (or next year) Lisa.

      Happy 2015!


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