Friday, December 19, 2014

23 gifts for better living

Today I thought about sharing a bunch of gifts that the receivers would enjoy in their home. The focus is on items that can be shared as activities between all family members and objects that induce positive initiatives. Also, there are a lot of other gifts that promote comfort, along with a heavy doze of planning and organizing help.

These can serve as hostess gifts too, with many being under $20. You can also find inspiration for family members, friends, relatives, bosses, coworkers and everyone else.

Let's jump into each of the items and find out why I'd give each gift to someone in particular.

1. Stationery set
The set can be enjoyed by one person, shared amongst family members or serve as a planning and organizing capsule for the house.

 2. Heatable doll
This heatable doll will be a hit for both kids and adults, providing extra cuddles when needed.

3. Kid's apron and hat set
Imagine how much fun a family can have in the kitchen baking all together, or at least the uninterrupted time you'll give to the mother, while the children pretend to be cooking, wearing these cuties.

4. Botanical desk calendar
Not only it this item useful for everyone leading a busy life, but it's created by Rifle Paper Co., which equals fabulous design.

5. Piggy bank
This half piggy bank gets attached to any container and instantly turns it in into a bank. Perfect for committing to no-brainer saving in every room.

6. Love letters
Love is such a powerful word and I believe should be the first thing promoted and encouraged in a family. Let them be reminded that whatever they do needs to be done with love and whatever happens, love is what matters most. Seems so cheesy, but it's universally true. Also, it doesn't hurt that the letters are gold and would look good everywhere, from the living room to the kids room.

7. Bubble calendar
What I like most about this calendar, beyond the fun of popping the bubbles, is that you have all the days of the year lined in front of you. You have the whole year ahead to make anything you wish, but the days are limited and you better take advantage of each. Such a simple and powerful message to give!

8. Instagram projector
The miniature projector is used to display Instagram pictures. The cutest way to hold on to the favorite memories of the year, share moments with family and friends and simply enjoy your life in square pictures.

9. Grow your own chilli kit
It's one of those perfect for every age gifts again. There's nothing like the joy of actually growing something with your own hands. Caring for a plant is proven to be a remedy for stress and eating out of it is pure delight.

10. Cookie cutters
Don't be a fool to underestimate the power of a few cookie cutters. The gift receiver might already have a lot at home, but some new shapes in bronze color never hurt anyone. It might actually make them want to bake a batch right now with their family or they even pick up baking again after forgetting what a joy it is. The result (cookies) is a gift that keeps giving when shared with friends and neighbors too.

11. Family calendar set
For all busy families, with conflicting schedules and all students sharing a house with roommates. Easy breezy planning and chore sharing process.

12. Heating set
The necessities for the winter presented in such a festive way makes for a great gift. Beautiful enough not to be hidden away and warm to keep one comforted. It will definitely be used and cherished.

13. Playing cards
A set of playing cards that comes with instructions on how to play different games will make for endless fun in the family. It will also be such a major entertaining base when guest come over. 

14. Saving kit
While being created for kids, I wouldn't mind using this one. It's genius because it teaches money management in such a simple way. Perfect for teaching the kids or for any adult that hasn't got his/her way around money yet.

15. Photo box frame
Photo frames get a bad rep and people usually hate them. This is not your usual frame. It's a box with five sides for pictures and one lid to open and put things in. A great way to keep all your loved ones together or to serve as a compilation of memories in photos and written notes hidden inside.

16. Meal planners
A necessarily planning tool for every household, designed in a simple eye-catching way will help people be organized and never have a headache on the "what to cook" matter again. The whole year will run so much smoother because of you.

17. Magnetic board game
Group games are the best and they provide even more pleasure when they involve physical effort. The board is magnetic, which means it won't get ruined fast and the game will be more intense and more exciting.

18. Elephant timer
While being a beautiful home accessory, this elephant is a modern timer. The receiver can use it to track their time or create their own version of the "pomodoro" technique altering their work time and fun time. Such a productivity booster!

19. Travel diary
This diary will be perfect for all travelers and those who dream of traveling. Some people might take advantage of your gift to start putting down memories from the last trips, while others will be inspired to book a ticket in order to fill the diary with interesting things.

20. "Laundry day" candle
It's the particular scent that makes this candle perfect for anyone. Smelling of fresh and light is great for days in need of calming and finding some peace. On the funny side, it can remind you that the laundry is overdue or it can actually substitute the actual process of doing laundry when you don't feel like it.

21. Picnic set
With the cold winter days ahead, staying in will be the normal activity. Gift this exciting set to be used for indoor picnics now and taken outside come Spring. Perfect for couples, families and when having friends over.

22. Little pig box
Every woman has tiny treasures they always misplace, so this beautiful box will come in very handy and will be proudly displayed in every bedroom.

23. Faux fur throw
Gift warmth and comfort with this luxurious throw. Pick a neutral color to go with everything and you'll be the reason behind many cuddles and movie marathons on the couch this winter.

I hope you find some inspiration and get motivated to tackle the last of your gifts for this season.

Have a festive weekend!


| Love, Lisa |


  1. The elephant timer! Perfection!

    1. I love it too! It's so quirky, yet helpful.
      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Beautiful picnic set! I have a straw shopping bag that looks similar to that... and bamboo utensils and glass jars, for that matter. I'm going to steal this idea! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Ariana! I am so happy I inspired you :)


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