Tuesday, December 9, 2014

DIY: Easy festive snowman

I had this piece of foam in my closet for months. It had the perfect shape of two stacked circles and it was just begging to be turned into a snowman. You can cut your own shape out of a foam piece, balsa wood, thick paper, cardboard and whatever material you have on hand. Also, the shape can vary from a small ornament for your tree to a super big installation for the children's room.

Materials I used:
- piece of foam (1cm thick)
- scissors
- glue/tape
- ribbon for the scarf
- ornaments for the eyes and nose
- thin ribbon
- star shaped confetti for the buttons
- bell ornament for the hat

 1. Start by sticking the ribbon on one side of the "neck", just between the two circles
2. Go around the "neck" just as you would when wearing a scarf. After a full circle, make a loop to fold the scarf.
3. Let it hang a little and take it on the back side, securing with tape
4. Take two baubles for the eyes and place them to estimate the right position. Dig two holes respectively. I used scissors for this, because I am impatient, but any precise tool can do.

5. Put some strings through the baubles and push them through the holes. I did this easily with a cotton swab.
6. Secure the baubles as tight as you can and tie the strings at the back. Cut the extra if needed.
7. Find a bent or sharp shaped small object for the nose. I used a bent mini pine cone.
8. Open another hole for it. Be sure to secure it in place.

9. You can use anything you like for the buttons on the lower part of the snowman. I used star shaped confetti because they were the perfect size and complemented the theme.
10. Don't forget to put a hat on it. That little bell fit perfectly.
11. Hang your cute snowman on the wall or make it part of a big display.

Let me know if you liked it and plan on making your own snowman.

| Love, Lisa |

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