Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2 non-traditional holiday wreaths

Wreaths are great to bring the festive atmosphere at home, while occupying little vertical space. The bigger the wreath, the stronger the effect it creates is. However, you can get easily bored with the same wreath year after year. To avoid this, you can switch up the ornaments, add quirky items and even go for an entirely unexpected color palette. Here are two ideas for you. Continue reading to find out how you can make your own and where to get similar decorations.

The first one has a light blue, purple, silver and pink palette, on a green base. It combines mate, glittery and satin finishes. The coastal tone and slightly fantasy theme makes it perfect for a beach cottage, a children's room or anywhere it fits the mood.

To make a similar one, you'll need to start with a traditional green wreath. Tie a big pink ribbon into a bow at the top of it. Continue by placing the shiny and glittery blue baubles and adding silver stars. At the end, place some small purple baubles for interest. As a general tip, the wreath should look balanced, but it doesn't need to be symmetrical, especially when it's on the smaller side.

Where to shop similar items:

The second wreath has a kind of exotic look, with a more muted color palette, consisting of gray, green, purple, pink and lime. Everything is built on a crystal wreath that wasn't looking exactly holiday related at first. The fanciness of this wreath makes it appropriate for neutral spaces, living rooms, entrances, corridors and even bedrooms. It's a good choice for when you don't want to decorate with very contrasting colors or don't feel like going the traditional route.

To make your own version, you need a crystal wreath or any white or gray one. Add the purple stems first, to make sure the most saturated color is spread evenly. Than add the blue baubles close to them, either on the inside or outside part of the wreath. You can even tuck them inside the stems, depending on the shapes and sizes you are working with. Continue with the green branches, adding volume where needed or balancing out the purple stems. With the lime ribbon, make small bows and place them where the purple stems meet the wreath. I added one for each stem, but you can put additional ones is between too, if the wreath is bigger. It will make everything pop. To finish it all, hand a small purple bell close to the bows and you're done. Instead of bells, you can choose any small and sharp ornaments for contrast and a punch of color to tie everything together.

 Where to shop similar items:

Which of the wreaths did you like more? Are you going with something similar for you home this year? Let me know in the comments.

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