Wednesday, March 21, 2012

21 reasons to be happy on this 21st

1. It is our monthly private holiday.
2. B. gave 50cents to an old man in the morning while we were having coffee.
3. I got to exchange the little cookies that came with our machiattos and got the bigger one.
4. I went to the pool to exercise as everyday lately, even if I don't like to on holidays.
5. I bought 2 bottled waters and I gave one to a girl at the reception, making her smile.
6. B. got the car keys stolen, but not the car.

7. I managed to buy a canvas for tomorrow's painting class, just in time before the shops close.8. I watched my favorite TV show and smiled by myself like always.
9. Had business calls and email exchange for my father's business, feeling great to be helpful and productive.
10. Searched for flight tickets for this weekend to Germany for business and found some good alternatives.
11. Browsed my favorite daily blog reads.
12. Had a look at Zara and H&M spring collections to be familiar with if I get a chance to shop while in Germany. Got super excited for pastels and bright dresses.
13. Dress up nicely for B. to take me out in the evening.
14. Found a freshly cut little branch of my favorite spring flowers as soon as I got into the car.
15. Greeted by a kiss and a hug and a smile. What more should one need?
16. Having a blast with a little romantic dinner over bruschetti, italian antipaste, some wine and machiatto for me.

17. Saying all the time "Happy Holiday" to each other makes us feel happy and cheesy.
18. Randomly running over a movie in the evening
Tu la conosci Claudia? (2004), which made me daydream over two wonderful Tuscany and Calabria houses.
19. Decided to finally make my first post in my first personal blog.
20. Feeling happy and loved and creative.
21. Being thankful to God about everything we can cherish and enjoy.

:: :: Be Happy by everything you can ! :: ::


  1. I love this reasons to be happy - I really want to make my own list too, now!

    1. Thank you Rachel for passing by and for reading. It's really something effortless to do but sometimes you need a reason to do it. I started in one of our monthly anniversaries :)
      Good luck making yours !!


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