Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Turning columns from problems into opportunities

[ Image credit: Apartment Therapy ]
A few years ago, I was showing clients a particular apartment, where you are faced with a big column as soon as you enter the front door. Since it’s a load-bearing column, it can’t be removed.
Around 80% of the people commented on that and even considered it the main factor for turning down the apartment. Actually, nobody bought that apartment for two years, until it was furnished.
From my experience, most people find it very hard to overcome minor (or major, according to them) problems like this. It’s totally understandable, as everyone is looking for the perfect house. People usually hesitate to be elastic and accept a challenge, which doesn’t let their imagination work to solve the problem.
Just to be clear, I wouldn’t choose that placement for the column if I were the architect of the building. But it was there and it was messing with an overall great apartment. I am sure there are endless cases like that, where something small makes the whole place loose value.
Next time you have to deal with an awkwardly placed column or a row of them right in the middle of the house, don’t turn away immediately. If the rest of the space ticks all the boxes, think of the columns as the surprise factor of the house. They can be transformed into something amazing.
Here are three main approaches and a few of the ways you can work with columns. You can come up with unique ideas, as soon as you shift your mindset from problem to opportunity and allow yourself to have fun!
Make them graphic with vinyl or wallpaper[ Image on the left via - Image on the right via ]         
Turn them into an art installation[ Image on the left via - Image on the right via ]          

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

How to prepare your house for guests

Having guests over is an unforgettable experience. It guarantees creating beautiful memories and spending a good time. 
But after the initial enthusiasm fades, everyone gets exhausted with the daily rhythms changed. Sharing a space with guests needs careful handling, in order for things not to become hectic. 
Sometimes we have no other choice but let guests stay in our own bedroom during their visit. It is the most sensitive and stressful scenario to deal with, especially when guests are staying for more than a couple of days.
Even if this is not the case, and you have plenty of room to accommodate guests, a little preparation is requested to ensure things will run smoothly for everyone sharing the space.
Here are some tips for each are of your home. You might want to save them for every time you need to make your life easier with guests at home and ensure they feel welcomed.

    For the bedroom

    • Gather every single item you use daily and put them in a tray, basket or box. Consider skincare, toiletries, make up, tools and everything you will need to use for the following days, from morning to night. Put it in the bathroom or hallway, so you can access it any time, without having to bother your guests.
    • Make a list of a few outfits you can wear for the following days, considering all the activities you will go through. Then write down everything you will need for each outfit, including undergarments and accessories. This way, you can grab everything you need from your bedroom in one minute, without forgetting anything.
    • Make the bed before they arrive, so you have one less thing to do and they won’t feel the need to apologize for taking your bed.
    • Bring out an extra layer like a blanket or throw in case it gets cold through the night and let the guests know where it is.
    • Take a look around the room. Take everything personal out of sight. Anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable with others seeing/touching should be put away. The same goes for fragile objects or valuable items you don’t want to risk being broken or lost. Money falls in the same category, to avoid unpleasant situations.
    • Prepare a tray or basket to leave in the bedroom, with everything they might need. Water, snacks, mini toiletries, feminine hygiene items, magazines, notepad + pen, TV/AC remote are a few to consider.
    • Make duplicates of personal items like pajamas, socks, slippers ready for guests. If you know they might ask to borrow your clothes, gather a few items you don’t mind sharing and keep them separately before their arrival.
    • Think of how to tuck away luggage. A stool or chair to place it on is a simple idea. They can also be put under the bed or table. Having a space ready will prevent people leaving it on the floor for convenience and you messing with it on every move.
    • Leave one air freshener spray in the bedroom and one in the toilet. Too much information here, but no one wants to deal with awkward situations that happen all the time.
    • For longer staying guests, you might want to open up a shelf or a closet section for their clothes.

    Wednesday, June 17, 2020

    5 tips to help you do something when you don’t feel like it

    No matter how motivated and organized you are at home or work, there are times when you don't feel like doing something at a given moment. You have zero inspiration or no physical energy to start a chore/project/job. 

    We all go through these moments and we all outcome them with our personalized tactics. However, it never hurts to learn five new tips to help you get things done when you don't feel like it at all.

    1. Try to envision the positive outcome of your possible completed action. Imagine how you'd feel after you have done what is waiting for you and the weight taken from your shoulders. Also, how would much better your day and the following days would be after you finish your chores?

    Tuesday, June 9, 2020

    6 reasons why you are not fully enjoying your home


    The more passionate you are about interiors and home decor, the easiest it is to feel dissatisfied with your own home. Even when you invest time and money into your abode, it is not guaranteed that it will feel like your dream place.
    Sometimes the reason is you aren't there yet in terms of style. Other times though, the reason could be simpler and it is just a matter of perspective to see what is keeping you from fully enjoying your home.
    Anytime you feel far from your home's full potential, go through the following six reasons, to understand if any of it applies to you currently.

    1. You’re being harsh on yourself for the wrong reasons

    You might have not gone through all the renovation and DIY projects on your list lately, but that’s not a reason to beat yourself about it every single day.
    Imagine this for a minute:
    In a year from now, you’ve completed everything on the list. Yet there are new tasks added in there, as it always happens with lists.
    Would you be happy?
    When the answer is a clear “No”, then it’s the critic and anxious part inside you that prevents you from enjoying your home as it is. Nothing is wrong with the things you haven’t done yet.

    2. You’re saying “yes” without thinking

    It’s nice to have people in your life to share your house with. But, when you start dreading the idea of someone ringing the doorbell or calling to say they’re coming over for the weekend, it means you’re overdoing it.
    If you require some alone time, say “no” to all commitments and people, until you get the urge for company again.

    Friday, June 5, 2020

    Creating impactful outdoor spaces with minimal effort

    Image via
    To create the outdoor space of your dreams you will need some decent square footage, an impeccable style and a certain budget (or DIY skills). When you’re short on space, money (or both) and you don’t want to spend months on the project, there are shortcuts to help you.
    There are certain objects that can make a big impact placed in an outdoor space and act as a focus point. They help to create a specific ambience and elevate your space by defining it as an outdoor area. By investing in these objects, you save time, effort and money by limiting your effort in the focus point of your outdoor space. You can always add smaller objects and pieces of furniture later, as time and budget allows.
    Scroll through for thirteen elements that can help you create an impactful outdoor space with minimal effort.

    1. Big scale pottery or vase

    Images via here and here

    Monday, June 1, 2020

    5 immediate ways to deal with anger

    We could all do with some tips on how to deal with anger, especially now, when everyone seems to be having some kind of added stress into their lives, to say the least. Uncertainty brings out the worst in us and it becomes difficult to be understanding and compassionate all the time.

    To avoid treating people in your life unfairly and put unnecessary negative energy into your already emotional self, you may want to implement one or more of the following tactics to help yourself immediately deal with anger.

    Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    13 Decor ideas to steal from commercial spaces

    Sometimes I believe that commercial spaces have all the fun when it comes to interior design. Be it bars, restaurants, shops, exhibition halls or hotels, it seems like there’s always an element or two you swoon over. Maybe it’s because they take more risks and are more open to bold ideas because of the strong competition they have to deal with or their experience with customers have taught them what works best. Whatever the real reason is, I will forever find myself noticing at least a detail worth photographing and “stealing” from a coffee shop or hotel I visit.
    Here are 13 examples to jumpstart your commercial space envy. 

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