Sunday, March 17, 2013

10 tips to survive flu like a pro

It is quite interesting how each individual's concept and strategy of going through a flu is totally different.
For example my friend has an imaginary superhero kill the evil of flu every time she feels weak. I on the other hand am more on the classic side, but with a twist (rest + pills + something extra).
Not to declare that I am a pro when it comes to flu, but after laying in bed two times in December and once more this week, I decided it's too much for a single winter season.
The good news is I finally decided to pay attention to my body, my mind and the overall sickness this year, figuring out what works when it comes to feeling better.
I am going to share a few things with you, hoping to help you kick flu away or just pretend so, because most things are mental tricks :)

1. Biggest debate ever : Staying in Vs. Getting out
Don't feel guilty if you take the day off from work but fancy the idea of going out with a friend later. Fresh air and exposure to sun rays will make you feel energetic. Just listen to your body carefully and you will know what to do and for how long, otherwise you'll end up tired. While we were in Europe in December, I was ill with a severe cold. I wanted to rest and not do much, but short activities were a good break from feeling ill all the time. Trying to capture the perfect moments in pictures and driving a few hundred kilometers helped me feel sane, concentrated and not missing what was supposed to be an adventure.

2. The same thing doesn't work for everyone. I am so sick and tired of the "hot soup-hot tea-stay warm in bed" formula. Maybe I'll only keep the third one, but hot food and beverage is not for me. Bring me some normal to cold fruit juice, a citrus flavor soda, maybe an ice cream or frozen yoghurt too and let's call it a flu cure :) Once a friend of mine swam under a cold water fall and she swears she got rid of her sore throat.

3. When it comes to tea and other drinks, doctors claim hot is not good for you because it favors an environment for bacterias to multiply and you don't by any means want that. If you feel like drinking tea, have it normal or cold. I like to create odd and fancy variations like cinnamon honey vanilla tea milk or orange chunks mandarin ice tea. Try to add a little surprise element to your drink and it can make you feel like you're having a magical potion out of a sudden.

4. Moisturize. I am the last person on Earth who likes to drink water when I am sick, but here is a safe way to make sure you stay hydrated. Drink a full glass every time you have a pill or medicine. In addition to water keep a moisturizer cream by your bed. I find it soothing to apply from time to time around my nose and lips when they crack from rubbing with tissues. Also I apply plenty on my lips and hands, sensitive areas that I feel drying and itching easily.

5. Don't underestimate the power of nice smell. Be it a fruity or floral candle, a subtle air freshener or a sprinkle or two of your perfume, use it on the room you are staying the most and you'll see why. Also, keep a bunch of fresh flowers in the room if you can.

6. Amongst rolling in bed and having family members bring everything you need to you, it can be easy to forget to refresh the room. It quickly gets overwhelming if you don't let fresh air in. Try to do your best even when all you want to do is glue yourself to your pillow. For me, this includes opening the windows before I go wash my hands and having a stroll around the kitchen before coming back to bed. It is essential to do this several times a day.

7. Hop into the shower. This one has been particularly hard to embrace lately, as our mother always kept us away from baths when we were little and sick. But after trying it doubtfully at first, I never missed a steamy shower to help drop high temperature since than. Even when anything else seems to fail fighting fever and 39 degrees, give a classic 5 minute steamy shower a try.

8. Some people crave their favorite food when they are sick, some only want soup and some cake. I think you better stick to your usual timing and size of meals and put more emphasis on soups, fruits and vegetables. For me vitamin C is the hero. Whenever I feel flu in the air or there is someone sick in the family, I immediately start to eat tangerines and oranges. Most of the times it works.

9. There are some things we save for a special occasion, like silk pajamas, heavenly smelling shampoo, a new color nail polish, an expensive face serum or lace lingerie. Get them out of the closet and pamper yourself. The other day I felt my dry skin looking for a different moisturizer and after searching in my drawers, I came upon a hidden Estee Lauder set of creams I was saving for a potential gift. Oh my! My skin loved it

10. This is very personal. Some people are all against medicine and taking pills, some like moderate treatments based on doctors' advices. While some others prefer to take a pill every time they see a hint of flu coming in the horizon. Whatever your attitude is, be sure to have control over your body and symptoms a common flu or cold might bring you. Having someone check you for high temperature at night is ideal. If you never take pills, consider so if you are burning in fever or have strong aches. The best is to always see the doctor even for a common flu, but if conditions (or being too scared) don't permit, stick to classic pain relievers that usually work for you.

Bonus random tips : I find it health boosting to be surrounded by clean stuff even if I skip the hair washing day. A crisp pair of sheets sooth me instantly, just like folding clothes piling in my room or wiping out my laptop screen. These little things make me feel organized and fresh (I told you from the beginning my tips were more mental tricks than real deals). Favorite music, movies, new magazines and books are welcomed too ;)

I wish all of you suffering from flu and cold get better soon! Take you time to feel strong again and let your body hug the pillows for as long as it needs to. Consider it all as an opportunity to pause and recharge. This is what I catch myself saying after a couple of days laying in bed all the time : "What happened to that mile long -To do- list? The world didn't actually end, huh?"
My friends, maybe you should evaluate your priorities and understand what is the most essential for you in life. Sometimes we only see the good things through bad ones :)

| Love, Lisa |


  1. As usual, Great tips! I don't like to drink hot tea when I'm sick too. Cold drinks are always the best for me. ;)

    1. It is lovely to discover more and more things we have in common Marie :)
      Thank you for always being a loyal and encouraging reader of my blog.
      Have a great Sunday!

  2. Duhet dhe nje akullore per cdo rast :D

  3. Vizitoj blogun tend perdite, ne pritje te postimit te ri. :)

  4. Really the secret is not to get sick in the first place which comes from healthy foods, a lot of water, antioxidents and little to no sugar.

    Ali of

    1. Ali that is totally true. I find it very easy to avoid getting sick when I eat healthy. Thank you for stopping by :)

  5. If only I had these tips two weeks ago, ncnc!

    1. I hope you are better now. You can have my list on hand from now on :)
      Thank you for visiting and commenting!

  6. Me pelqeu ky dekalogu per gripin :) Anglezet kane nje shprehje te lezetshme per te:

    “If a doctor treats your cold, it will go away in 7 days, if left alone, it will go away in 1 week.

    Blog simpatik :)

    1. That is so true! But with some care and luck you can hopefully rush the process a day or two. Or just enjoy the whole thing with the above tips :)
      Thanks for stopping by!


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