Thursday, October 4, 2012

I have a question || 2

You thought I was done with the dumb questions regarding blogging, didn't you? Oh no, not yet.
For many days (okay, from the first days I started writing) I was wondering when the right time to go serious with the blog design comes. Amongst the hundreds of blogging tips I have come across, the first one is - write write write - or - post post post - consistently! Of course this is obvious like "duh, who reads a blog refreshed once in a blue moon", but frankly I want people to understand my aesthetics reflected by my blog design, my writing and the visual content I create all at once.
Like many of you might have done, I selected a ready made theme, customized it, than I added a header I designed, some gadgets and basic features and that's all. Well, I don't know to do anything else, no coding, no html and I don't feel like digging into tutorials and make everything myself. 
 There will be a day when I will have someone redesign my blog and I am afraid that day is coming sooner that I had estimated. Because, let's face it, a good design is always welcomed. And running over so many great blog |RE|designs of my favorite blogs lately like here, here, here and here, it breaks my heart that I don't have a page to be very proud of. I am getting way too sentimental, but I guess I owe that to my blog, considering I belong to the design field in real life.

 |||   |||   |||

Now, for all you out there who have some months or years of blogging under your belt, can you please tell me how did you proceed with your blog? 
Did you focus on posting for a while and then switched to custom design or did you do it from start? 
Does it bother you coming back to blogs with great content but not so great design? 
Is aesthetic overestimated or do you believe it shows your taste and capabilities? 
Oh so many questions, but please let me know ladies and gentlemen, how soon did you take that step and was it worth it?


  1. Edhe une kam te njejtin problem si ti :( Kam nevoje per doren e nje specialisti, qe te me sistemoj blogun sic duhet. Nuk ja them dhe aq ne kete pike, keshtu qe po pres dhe une ketu ne heshtje, te lexoj komentet dhe sugjerimet qe do te te bejne ty...

    1. Te kuptoj plotesisht. Le te fshihemi pra ne pritje te ndihmes :)


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