Thursday, October 18, 2012

10 things to learn from blogs you don't like

[ The tasteless fashionista ]
In order to understand your style, what you like and what looks good on you, first of all you have to go through things you don't like. So switch your thinking into what you don't like about what you see on another fashion blogger, what things you don't like to pair together or stuff that don't compliment certain body types. Free fashion lessons anyone? I thought so. Don't pass that blog yet.

[ The children obsessed mother ]
She is great and her writing is fun but 4 out of 5 posts feature 100 pictures of her kids. Most people find children cute, but there are others that get bothered with many pictures and often repetitive. And of course there are those that would never put their family's pictures into public view.
Hard to find something here? Don't rush. Understand what the blogger posts about her children. Is it a certain topic or just random shoots? It's never too early to read helpful tips and experiences of a mother's life and of course it doesn't hurt to share issues with another mother if you already have children. Let me tell you a shameful secret. Blogs have made me love children, and seeing all those candied photos of little cute faces has actually shaken my interests and beliefs toward family. Oh, now I love reading about everything baby related too.

[ The rich teenagers ]
Yes, they are coming out of everywhere like mushrooms after rain. Usually tiny or petite, with half a wardrobe borrowed from their mothers, a few Hermes or Celine bags, Cartier and Rolex accessories and the same style over and over. Some people are just lucky, others have serious style. Even if these guys haven't yet built their signature style, observe their young attitude, how they rock leather pants or mini skirts, how they hold the famous bag, and how do expensive things look on them. Try to steal ideas for yourself, how to pair a high street brand with a classic one, or even attempt to remember what you like and maybe find a nice similar piece for 1/5 of the price. Not bad, huh? And who doesn't like to sneak peek where rich people go for dinner, for shopping and all the fancy trips they share?!

[ The perfect couple ]
Chances are they are newlywed and you are familiar to all their moles from the 1000 pictures posted daily. They never write something bad about each other and it seems like their life is perfect. And it makes you so mad, doesn't it? But don't fall for this. Remember everyone has their own struggles and no relationship is perfect, be it an affair, an engagement or a marriage. This couples are only sharing the highlights of their lives, the positive aspects. What you can learn is priceless. Blogging about your relationship forces you to find the good things and ignore anger, frustration or disappointment. It is a bless to see people being happy and love each other everyday, because that's what love is about, otherwise we would be perfectly comfortable alone. It is not bad to borrow their tips of happy relationships and implement to yours if they fit. So next time you make fun of these couples, go hug your man and make a promise to yourself to not yell at him all 7days of next week for leaving the toothbrush on the sink or the socks on the floor.

[ The complainer ]
I am sure you are thinking "Huh, let's see what you're gonna come up with now!". Because we all know the reason we read blogs is to get inspiration and to go through beautiful things that make our day, see how people can be easily happy and grateful. So what is there to learn from a blogger that complains about everything and everyone? Hey, it's like chatting with your friend and knowing you're not the only one that feels that way. Getting inspiration is great, but sometimes you might get into the trap of thinking everyone else is having wonderful jobs, families and friends and they live their dream everyday. But you know it's not true. Having a couple of these real blogs to read once in a while keeps you sane and even laugh with others struggles when they write in a beautiful humorous tone.

[ The "mother of coupons" ]
It might get very sad sometimes to go through all tips on saving, cutting back, making a budget about everything. You just get the feeling that this family or person is living a miserable life. Maybe they apply all the tips they share everyday but they might just be trying to live a better life and blogging about this topic forces them to get creative and save a lot. So don't rush to the next "Italy getaway" blog yet, but stand a little further. Even if you don't live in the same country or even continent with the "mother of coupons" blogger, steal some tips on how to cut back on unnecessary spending. Maybe this way you will appreciate what you have more and find joy in non material things.

[ The strange hobby ]
Some people have hobbies such as music, dancing, traveling, photography and some others like fishing or collecting matchboxes. Everyone is different and there is always a small group that shares interest even on the most strange thing you might ever imagine. I am not pretending I go through "playing handball" blogs everyday, but if you ever come to a blog about a certain hobby, try to see if these bloggers are passionate about what they do, how much time they spend developing it. It is interesting to see how people with a different day schedule manage to dedicate time to their interests. It is even greater if they share the process of starting as totally amateurs and growing into pros. Everyone needs advices and inspiration on how to be better at something and remind you to search for that old craft box remaining hidden at the back of your closet.

[ The million dollar baby ]
These people are not necessarily young, they have a job that requires running around and working a lot. But strangely they appear perfectly polished in every picture, always straight on heels, with full make up and gorgeous hair. You might wonder how they do it. This is a gift not everyone is blessed with. Most of us rush out of the door in a topknot and no make up, while others enjoy getting up early, getting ready and always look neat and beautiful. Instead of looking down on them and assuming they must be not working that hard, force yourself to think that you're never too busy to skip taking care of yourself. You can look great everyday, with a full time work, a lot of errands to do and of course without making the "duck face".

[ The foodie ]
The main thing you might not like about a food blog is the cravings you have every single time you look at the posts. You know what I am talking about, like scrolling through Pinterest at midnight and feeling the urge to visit the fridge. To avoid this, check the food blogs out only when you need beautiful pictures of food or styling and when you are planning your weekly menu and need meal ideas. Even if your taste or aesthetic do not match the blogger's you might find a new recipe or an interesting way to combine an unusual ingredient.

[ The devoted ]
Religion is a very personal thing and usually people keep it to themselves. It is not uncommon though to read a sentence or a short paragraph quoting the blogger's religious direction or beliefs. As long as it doesn't become repetitive, no one should feel bad about it, but when you find a blog with religious content and especially not the same as your beliefs, I'm sure you go away and never come back. I don't feel good either because as I said it is very personal, but sometimes it is so fascinating to see what other people think is important in life, to find out their behaviors and attitude. Also I always enjoy reading about nice acts. Most religions emphasize being a good person and helping other people and watching videos or pictures showing how some great gals come together to help a certain group or how someone provides free meals for a poor family is very mind opening and heart warming. At the end it's all about being humans, believing (or not) in something/someone/lots of things and bringing the best out of ourselves. Being shown and told how to be a better person and do better things never hurt anyone.

Are you convinced these tips are useful or do you still prefer to just "close window" and never come back to a blog you don't like? It would be very interesting to see your point of view.

| Love, Lisa |


  1. hey lisa, nice post!
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

    1. Hey girls thank you for stopping by. I checked your blog and like it a lot, you've got some serious style :)

  2. Oh gosh, I know what you mean about those blogs that post a billion pictures of their children. I try to remind myself that when the mister and I have babies I won't do this. But chances are I probably will. ha
    xo TJ

    1. Haha TJ yes you will do it too :)
      Babies are cute, but if you look at them everyday you might start believing they are your neighbors' :)

  3. There's always smth to appreciate :)

    1. Exactly Risee! It only depends on what lens you put on your mind :)

  4. Hahaha i have a love-hate relationship with looking at posts or photos of rich teenagers. They really say whatever is on their mind and are not shy with showing off their wealth. But its entertaining to look at their posts or photos ;)

    1. Hah! Everyone has that I believe, we don't like them, but we're still curious to get a glimpse of their style and life :)

  5. O sa me ka pelqyer ky post. Nje nga me te miret qe ke shkruar! E adhuroj kete sensin tend per te pare dhe marre gjerat pozitive nga gjithcka. Je shembull per t'u ndjekur! :)

    1. Oh, I'm blushing :S
      Me behet qejfi qe te ka pelqyer. Ja, mundohem dhe une ta kultivoj sa me shume kete qendrim pozitiv, se ne fund te fundit keq s'te ben, ndoshta ndihesh dhe njeri pak me i mire me kalimin e kohes:)
      Fundjave te mbare!

  6. I think i belong to the second type of blogs. Very interesting post.

    1. Oh no no, believe me, you don't. I'm talking about real obsession.
      I have been reading your blog for a while now and I enjoy your writing very much :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Te njejten gje perpiem te bej, te marr me te mirat edhe atje ku duket sikur nuk ka sgje. Mendoj qe kjo nuk duhet bere vetem me blogs por ne pergjithsi me te gjitha gjerat :)

    1. Ke shume te drejte Jona :) Te uroj nje fundjave te bukur!


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