Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy links for a Sweeter Sunday

This week has been full of interesting and helpful posts everywhere in blogs and I am still not done with reading everything, which almost never happens. Usually I finish reading all my favorite blogs and their weekend links by Saturday afternoon and on Sunday I am left with nothing. But today is going to be full of reading fabulous articles, taking notes on important ideas and day dreaming of wonderful projects. That is why I am proposing you this way of spending some hours of your Sunday, reading your favorite newspaper and magazines, going through your bookmarked blogs, have a look at everything you downloaded during the week and take notes of everything you find useful. 
Better on, if you get inspired and you still have time, try to implement suggestions and tips into your blog, your life or just make future plans. There is something very exciting about going through information and sorting out what you need. Not only you are left with a clearer PC space, but you feed your needs all at once. 
If you are passionate enough, excitement might last 'till Monday and what a better way to kiss goodbye the weekend and kick start the new week! Have a Sweeter Sunday folks :)
Here are some happy and useful links for you:

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For your freelance career | Advice from two successful ladies, remembering their first freelance job, what they charged and what would they do different

For your body | Indulge yourself to this pampering

For your fall wardrobe makeover | The right advice comes at the right time, just before we start shopping impulsively for the new season

For your blog | How to create content for 6 months and lots more tips in the comment section

For your food | Treat your family to one of Jamie Oliver's 30min meal. Of course it might take more time than that, but you will be spending a lovely time working out fresh ingredients, having Oliver inspire you in the laptop or tv and enjoying a full homemade meal out of your hands.

For your inspiration | The first Albanian to go to Columbia. He has accomplished so much, yet eager to do more and always supporting young people. He is such a pleasure to be around.

For your dreams | Am I right or not?

For your eyes | The most beautiful cover for this season!

For your life  | One of the best articles I have read at their website (and I have read a ton). 

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