Saturday, January 11, 2014

What I'd like to buy right now // River Island

It's the time of the year when every shop launches their spring/summer collections amongst the winter items they still sell. One of them is River Island (actually they start incorporating them since December) where I online shop from time to time (it's one of the few that offer affordable worldwide shipping). Considering it is also that time of the year when your shopping budget is pretty limited or absolutely zero after the holiday spending, let's pretend we are shopping together for a few minutes, giving you good reasons why I would buy these items right now. And if you are not convinced, that would be a good reason to save your pennies and not hate me for pushing you to sin. Whatever your verdict, I'm just pretending shopping :)

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1 - The stripes aren't going away soon, so a striped tee with a cute type would be perfect from now until next Fall. I also like the red color, which brings a fresh note on marine style and all the blue and black stripes I already own.

2 - I can imagine myself in this dress with a cream long chunky cardigan and tan boot, with a polished blazer and pumps, with a black moto jacket and black booties, on its own with gold jewelry and with a big sun hat and sandals. Now dare you give me a reason to win over my five points here!

3 - This simple pendant wins over what I already have because of the big black stone. It would go pretty much with everything I own, from winter dresses to lacy ones in summer, so why not?

4 - I love kaftans and I take them very seriously. If money were not an issue, I'd spend ridiculously much on them. Since that is not an option, I'm always on the hunt for inexpensive-out of the season-colorful-not too sheer-not too short-not too skin flashing ones and since you can rarely find something that demanding, I've got my eyes on this cutie.

5 - Since I don't own a decent leather skirt yet, this one seems to be a possible winner. It's high wasted, which flatters more and although it says miniskirt in the description, it doesn't seem to hit that high above the knee (much needed as leather skirts get sooooo short and uncomfortable when you are sit). Above all, it's real leather, something I wish to invest in, after the decision to consider myself an adult this year and the pledge to only buy adult items.

I'm still holding myself from real shopping, but nevertheless, let me know if you'd buy any of these for real ;) And if you decide to hit the bank here are some helpful tips on how to shop at Asos.

Have a great weekend friends !!

| Love, Lisa |

1 comment:

  1. Une e bleva nje fund lekure(ekologjike :P) po e ka prerje veref(nuk e di sa e sakte jam ne shpjegim), qe krijon si nje valezim, jo pala tamam.
    Edhe une kam tendencen kur blej, gjithmon te zgjedh dicka qe mund ta vesh me cdo gje.
    Me pelqejne shume zgjedhjet e tua, e ndonje dite do me pelqente te shihja edhe kombinimet e tua ketu :)


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